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« Vendre » le Canada - La promotion du Canada en France dans les années 1870-1914

Les spécificités du contrôle de gestion dans les pays de l’Europe centrale et orientale : une revue de la littérature

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Diagnostic des macules pigmentées congénitales de l’enfant en microscopie confocale (MC)

Cancer de l’œsophage : radio-chimiothérapie exclusive ou préopératoire ?

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Épidémiologie de le maladie veineuse thromboembolique à Yaoundé : étude transversale en Afrique subsaharienne

Réutilisation de données structurées de santé : le défi de l’extraction de caractéristiques

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Histoire de la psychiatrie libérale en Île-de-France

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Les jeux d’échelles de l’action collective : militantisme local et solidarité internationale dans les campagnes de Colombie

Keep It Moving?: Conserving Kinetic Art

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De l’Égypte à la Colombie. Itinérance d’une recherche

La chambre de commerce de Beaune : un décor iconique de la Bourgogne viticole

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La dysmorphophobie dans le TSA sans DI considérations psychopathologiques, neuropsychologiques et thérapeutiques à partir d’une étude de cas

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Un nouveau modèle animal d’étude du neuroblastome

Le diagnostic des hémorragies fœto-maternelles

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Un trouble de l’équilibre révélateur d’une artérite à cellules géantes type maladie de Horton

À propos d’un cas d’oreilles décollées

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Épidémiologie de le maladie veineuse thromboembolique à Yaoundé : étude transversale en Afrique subsaharienne

Les réalismes de l’anneau-monde

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Parler de la stigmatisation en santé mentale : comment et avec quel public ?

Les manifestations cardiaques au cours de la sclérodermie systémique

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Démocratie et évaluation des politiques publiques

Risques d’inondation et vulnérabilité : l’exemple du bassin versant de la rivière Kennebecasis, Nouveau-Brunswick, Canada.

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« Des collections en partage » au musée de Bretagne. Quand la notion de « commun » entre au musée

Questions de regards

Penetrating thoracic wound with cardiac trauma

Partitioning Pervasive Detrital Geochronologic Age Distributions in the Southern Alaskan Forearc

Dataset on green macroprudential regulations and instruments: Objectives, implementation and geographical diffusion

Design and Development of a Novel Self-Igniting Microwave Plasma Jet for Industrial Applications

Testing Semi-Strong Efficiency of Indian Stock Market – Evidence from Union Budget

Diagnostic génétique d’une maladie osseuse rare : l’apport du NGS

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Evaluations of Efficiency of the Use of Amorphous Alumosilicates in Dry Mixes

Adjunctive antimicrobial photodynamic therapy using methylene blue/ethanol formulation in experimental periodontitis in diabetic rats: short-term results

A Demonstration on Dynamic Drawing Guidance via Electromagnetic Haptic Feedback

Velocity derivative skewness and its budget in non-equilibrium time-reversed turbulence

A new merge of global surface temperature datasets since the start of the 20th century

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Investigating intentional forgetting using pupillometry: no evidence for the ongoing allocation of cognitive resources during forgetting

Association of NFκB and related-cytokines with the viral load and development of antibodies against HHV-8 in people living with HIV/AIDS

Simulation of Appointment Scheduling Policies: a Study in a Bariatric Clinic

Management of The Failed Latarjet Procedure: Outcomes of Revision Surgery With Fresh Distal Tibial Allograft

Influence of Combined Severe Plastic Deformation and Sheet Extrusion Process on the Superplastic Formability of AA 5083 Aluminum Alloy Assessed by Free Bulge Test

Host Potential and Adaptive Responses of Drosophila suzukii (Diptera: Drosophilidae) to Barbados Cherries

Abstract 2380: Preclinical safety and efficacy of a tumor-directed T cell activating 4-1BB x 5T4 ADAPTIR™ bispecific antibody

Silicone tape versus micropore tape to prevent medical adhesive-related skin injuries: systematic review and meta-analysis

Moderate physical exercise improves lymphocyte function in melanoma-bearing mice on a high-fat diet

Traffic flow estimation with data from a video surveillance camera

Analysis of Polymeric Knitted Fabrics on Properties for Telecommunications Devices Application

A dataset of neonatal EEG recordings with seizure annotations

Degassing at the Volcanic/Geothermal System of Kos (Greece): Geochemical Characterization of the Released Gases and CO2 Output Estimation

Bilateral capital physeal dysplasia in a ferret (Mustela putorius furo) treated with femoral head ostectomy

PPR-Meta: a tool for identifying phages and plasmids from metagenomic fragments using deep learning

Anodal transcranial direct current stimulation reduces collinear lateral inhibition in normal peripheral vision

A georeferenced dataset of drought and heat-induced tree mortality in Europe

Correction to: Imaging features of immune-mediated genitourinary disease

Grain number determination in durum wheat as affected by drought stress: An analysis at spike and spikelet level

Thermodynamic properties of infinitely diluted solutions of organic solutes in in silico designed task-specific ionic liquid

Structure from Motion photogrammetry to characterize underground rock masses: Experiences from two real tunnels

High-spatial-resolution monthly temperature and precipitation dataset for China for 1901–2017

Posterior Tibial Tendon and Spring Ligament Lesions in Rheumatoid Arthritis

Beyond binary parcellation of the vestibular cortex – A dataset

The History and Diagnosis of Behçet’s Disease

Directed forgetting in rats: Evidence for active memory control?

Energetic and metabolic responses after acute sessions of continuous endurance training and high-intensity interval training

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Construção e validação de cartilha educativa para promoção da alimentação saudável entre pacientes diabéticos

The sintering temperature effect on electrochemical properties of Ce0.8Sm0.05Ca0.15O2-δ (SCDC)-La0.6Sr0.4Co0.2Fe0.8O3-δ (LSCF) heterostructure pellet

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A Portable Doppler/FSK/FMCW Multi-mode Radar With Analog DC Offset Cancellation for Biomedical Applications

Comparison of torque expression in esthetic brackets

Runoff reaction from extreme rainfall events on natural hillslopes: a data set from 132 large-scale sprinkling experiments in south-western Germany

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Impact of nine macroalgal diets on growth and initial reproductive investment in juvenile abalone Haliotis tuberculata

Data on mutations and Clinical features in SCN1A or SCN2A gene

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