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Perceptions et émotions de patients diabétiques de type 2 concernant leur diabète pendant le premier confinement dû à la Covid-19 : analyse netnographique

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Repertoires of industrial conflict in a modern city. Łódź, Central Poland 1861-1921

Evaluating and Validating Emotion Elicitation Using English and Arabic Movie Clips on a Saudi Sample

Emotion Recognition in Kindergarten Children

Therapists’ Empathic Accuracy Toward Their Clients’ Emotions

The SKYNIVI Experience: Evoking Startle and Frustration in Dyads and Single Drivers

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CycleGAN-Based Emotion Style Transfer as Data Augmentation for Speech Emotion Recognition

Nonmusicians Express Emotions in Musical Productions Using Conventional Cues

Comparing the Interpretation of Emotion in the Context of Human Experts and Artificial Intelligence

Facial Expressions of Basic Emotions in Japanese Laypeople

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Hybrid Framework for Speaker-Independent Emotion Conversion Using i-Vector PLDA and Neural Network

Toward Emotionally Adaptive Virtual Reality for Mental Health Applications

An Exploration of Machine Learning Methods for Robust Boredom Classification Using EEG and GSR Data

A meta-analysis of the effect of substance use interventions on emotion outcomes.

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Do fitness test performances predict students’ attitudes and emotions toward physical education?

Towards Automated Emotional Conversation Generation with Implicit and Explicit Affective Strategy

Teacher interventions to student misbehaviors: The role of ethnicity, emotional intelligence, and multicultural attitudes

Understanding Cows’ Emotions on Farm: Are Eye White and Ear Posture Reliable Indicators?

Multiple Negative Emotions During Learning With Digital Learning Environments – Evidence on Their Detrimental Effect on Learning From Two Methodological Approaches

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Et Emotions Et 감정

Et Emotions Et 감정
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