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Utility of a new automated diagnostic program in high-resolution esophageal manometry

Neo-AEGIS (Neoadjuvant trial in Adenocarcinoma of the Esophagus and Esophago-Gastric Junction International Study): Preliminary results of phase III RCT of CROSS versus perioperative chemotherapy (Modified MAGIC or FLOT protocol). (NCT01726452).

Manometrically jackhammer esophagus with fluoroscopically/endoscopically distal esophageal spasm: a case report

Management and outcomes of carcinoma stomach in Central India: a prospective cross-sectional study

Assessment and management of dysphagia and achalasia.

COVID-19 Pneumonia on Post-Operative Day 2 after Esophagectomy: Performing Esophago-Gastric Junction Cancer Surgery during the SARS-Cov-2 Second Wave

Distinct Clinical Physiologic Phenotypes of Patients with Laryngeal Symptoms Referred for Reflux Evaluation.

Laparoscopic-assisted versus open proximal gastrectomy with double-tract reconstruction for Siewert type II-III adenocarcinomas of esophago-gastric junction: a retrospective observational study of short-term outcomes.

Gastric cancer with positive peritoneal cytology: survival benefit after induction chemotherapy and conversion to negative peritoneal cytology

Eradication therapy for gastric cancer in Inner Mongolia: A single-center study over 10 years.

A long-term survival case with recurrent esophageal adenosquamous carcinoma

Palliation of malignant esophageal obstruction using an anti-migration self-expandable metal stent: results of a prospective multicenter study.

Successful Late Endoscopic Stent-Grafting in a Patient with Boerhaave Syndrome

The Prognostic Impact of Histology in Esophageal and Esophago-Gastric Junction Adenocarcinoma

Feasibility and Short-Term Outcomes of Three-Dimensional Hand-Sewn Esophago-Jejunal Anastomosis in Completely Laparoscopic Total Gastrectomy for Cancer

Multicenter phase I/II feasibility study of adjuvant treatment with S-1 in patients after R0-resection of adenocarcinoma of the stomach and esophagogastric junction (GMBH-STO-0114)

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Esophago Gastric Junction 식도 위 접합

Esophago Gastric Junction 식도 위 접합
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