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Erosion Models sentence examples within Soil Erosion Models

Soil erosion modelling: A bibliometric analysis.

Can the models keep up with the data? Possibilities of soil and soil surface assessment techniques in the context of process based soil erosion models – A Review

Erosion Models sentence examples within Coastal Erosion Models

Visualising the Uncertainty Cascade in Multi-Ensemble Probabilistic Coastal Erosion Projections

Risk and Resources: An Evaluation of the Ability of National Soil Datasets to Predict Post-Depositional Processes in Archaeological Sites and Heritage at Risk

Erosion Models sentence examples within Empirical Erosion Models

An improved CFD/experimental combined methodology for the calibration of empirical erosion models

Land use/land cover dynamics and soil erosion in the Umzintlava catchment (T32E), Eastern Cape, South Africa

Erosion Models sentence examples within Water Erosion Models

Applicability of laser diffraction method for soil particle size distribution analysis of five soil orders in the water erosion region of China

Detection of soil pipe network by electromagnetic induction (EMI) in relation to the high resolution UAV data

Erosion Models sentence examples within Different Erosion Models

Comparing Hydric Erosion Soil Loss Models in Rainy Mountainous and Dry Flat Regions in Portugal

An Optimized E/CRC Erosion Model of Round Particles for Hydraulic Spool Valves With Euler–Lagrange Two-Phase Simulation

Erosion Models sentence examples within Genetic Erosion Models

Assessment on the Current State of On-Farm Diversity and Genetic Erosion in Barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) Landraces from Bale Highlands, Southeast Ethiopia

On farm diversity of barley landraces in North Western Ethiopia

Erosion Models sentence examples within Two Erosion Models

Development of erosion equations for Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP)

Hydro-abrasive erosion in Pelton turbine injectors: A numerical study

Erosion Models sentence examples within Rill Erosion Models

Apportioning contributions of individual rill erosion processes and their interactions on loessial hillslopes

Modelling soil detachment capacity by rill flow with hydraulic variables on a simulated steep loessial hillslope

Erosion Models sentence examples within Internal Erosion Models

Internal Erosion Breach Model Review and Validation

Sensitivity Analysis of Internal Erosion Models for Dam Safety

Erosion Models sentence examples within Gully Erosion Models

Chemical weathering and gully erosion causing land degradation in a complex river basin of Eastern India: an integrated field, analytical and artificial intelligence approach

Novel ensembles of COPRAS multi-criteria decision-making with logistic regression, boosted regression tree, and random forest for spatial prediction of gully erosion susceptibility.

Erosion Models sentence examples within Spatial Erosion Models

Radiating Benefit of Windbreak and Sand Fixation in the Baijitan Nature Reserve of Lingwu, Ningxia, China

Time for 3D: UAV-based lidar for modelling splash erosion under vegetation

Erosion Models sentence examples within Drive Erosion Models

Selecting suitable climate models for examining future changes in soil erosion

Selecting suitable climate models for examining future changes in soil erosion and muddy flooding

Erosion Models sentence examples within Variou Erosion Models

Computational Erosion Wear Model Validation of Particulate Flow Through Mitre Pipe Bend

Erosive investigation of various erosion models for vibro cleaner developed based on ultrasonic technique using COMSOL multiphysics

Coupling Remote Sensing and GIS with KINEROS2 Model for Spatially Distributed Runoff Modeling in a Himalayan Watershed

Evaluating the effects of forest tree species on rill detachment capacity in a semi-arid environment

Modeling soil erosion with evolving rills on hillslopes

Estimating rill erosion and sediment transport processes along a saturated purple soil slope

Soil detachment capacity by rill flow for five typical loess soils on the Loess Plateau of China

An Analysis of Carcass Layer Erosion in Un-Bonded Flexible Offshore Pipework


Methods for Analyzing Submerged Jet Erosion Test Data to Model Scour of Cohesive Soils

Modelling wildfire ash transport by concentrated flow

Analysis of laboratory adhesion studies in eroded enamel and dentin: a scoping review

Variability of rill detachment capacity with sediment size, water depth and soil slope in forest soils: A flume experiment

Inferring Sediment Transport Capacity from Soil Microtopography Changes on a Laboratory Hillslope

Quantifying and modeling sediment yields from interrill erosion under armouring

More Erosion Models 침식 모델 sentence examples

Potential Impacts of Climate Change on Land Degradation and Desertification: Land Degradation and Climate Change

A probability model of predicting the sand erosion in elbows for annular flow

Freeze-Thaw Induced Gully Erosion: A Long-Term High-Resolution Analysis

Comparison of Sediment Loss Modelling by Using the Physically-Based Erosion-3d Model and The USPED Empirical Model: A Case Study of the Svacenicky Creek Catchment (Slovakia)

Rainfall erosivity in interrill areas: Insights about the choice of an erosive factor

Analysis of local wear variables for high-precision erosion modelling in complex geometries

Experimental and numerical investigation of CO2 dry-ice based aircraft compressor cleaning

Synthesis of Vegetation Indices Using Genetic Programming for Soil Erosion Estimation

Comparison of the cavitation erosion and slurry erosion behavior of cobalt-based and nickel-based coatings

Study of erosion prediction of turbulent gas-solid flow in plugged tees via CFD-DEM

Computational method for the analysis of erosion-induced stress and damage in thermal barrier coatings

Validation of the Unit Stream Power Erosion and Deposition (USPED) Model at Yakima Training Center, Washington

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