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Equity Issue sentence examples within Health Equity Issue

DISCO App: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial to test the effectiveness of a patient intervention to reduce the financial burden of cancer in a diverse patient population

Drug-dispensing limits within Medicaid during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Equity Issue sentence examples within Gender Equity Issue

International Gender Equity in Soil Science: A Social Equity Issue

The Gender Similarities Hypothesis: Insights From A Multilevel Analysis of High-Stakes Examination Results in Mathematics

Equity Issue sentence examples within Addres Equity Issue

Fiscal Policies for Achieving Finland’s Emission Neutrality Target

Public support for tradable peak credit schemes

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Equity Issue sentence examples within Social Equity Issue

Popular Culture Informing Public Administration: Messages and Prospects for Social Equity

Recent Trends in LA-Based Research: A Topic Analysis of CELA Abstract Content

Equity Issue sentence examples within Net Equity Issue

Firm Misvaluation and Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Cash Shortfalls and Financing Decisions

Equity Issue sentence examples within Significant Equity Issue

Inclusive data visualization for people with disabilities

Broader outcomes in procurement policy – a case of New Zealand pragmatism

Why we Need a Gender Advisor on SAGE

The Puzzle of Frequent and Large Issues of Debt and Equity

A Systematic Review of Current Teleophthalmology Services in New Zealand Compared to the Four Comparable Countries of the United Kingdom, Australia, United States of America (USA) and Canada

Leadership behind masked faces: from uncertainty to resilience at a Jamaican academic library

Does Sustainable Investing Deprive Unsustainable Firms of Fresh Capital?

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Global public good and universal health coverage: conceptual and practical concerns in the context of COVID-19

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Inequity evaluation for land use and transportation model on introduction of autonomous vehicles

As a CS educator, how do you think we can address inequity issues that exist in the field?

Equity in agriculture-nutrition-health research: a scoping review.

Cultural competency and sensitivity in the curriculum for palliative care professionals: a survey in Switzerland

Going Beyond: Implementing “Beyond Quality” through the Investigating Quality (IQ) Project

COVID-19 and Unmet Healthcare Needs of Older People: Did Inequity Arise in Europe?

Consumer’s Surplus: An Equity Measure of High Speed Rail Investments

Outlasting the Pandemic: Corporate Payout and Financing Decisions During COVID-19

Media coverage of COVID-19 health information in India: a content analysis

Land resources opportunities for a growing prosperity in the Sahel

Allocating treatment resources for hepatitis C in the UK: a constrained optimization modelling approach

Becoming an Antiracist Neonatal Community

How personalisation programs are exacerbating socio-economic inequities: findings from budget utilisation in the NDIS


Interaction effects of race and gender in elementary CS attitudes: A validation and cross-sectional study

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Beyond Social Distance

Governance analysis of Nha Trang Bay and Cu Lao Cham Marine Protected Areas, Vietnam

Equity of our future oceans: practices and outcomes in marine science research

Optimizing Budget Allocation for Incentive-Based Active Travel Demand Management Solutions

Using an Ethos of Care to Bridge the Digital Divide: Exploring Faculty Narratives During a Global Pandemic

Research on Plastic Waste Evaluation Based on Multiple Regression

Doing things differently: IR practice and research beyond 2020

Price and reimbursement for orphan medicines and managed entry agreements: does Italy need a framework?

Barriers to accessing medicines and pharmacy services in Queensland, Australia, for resettled refugees from Africa

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Equity Issue 지분 문제

Equity Issue 지분 문제
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