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Epr Parameters sentence examples within electron paramagnetic resonance

Theoretical study of the local distortions and the EPR parameters for VO2+ and Cu2+ centers in oxyfluoroborate glasses

Lewis Acid Behavior of MoF5 and MoOF4: Syntheses and Characterization of MoF5(NCCH3), MoF5(NC5H5)n, and MoOF4(NC5H5)n (n = 1, 2).

Epr Parameters sentence examples within tetragonally compressed octahedral

Investigations of defect structures for V4+ in CBPB glasses with distinct V2O5 contents

The influence of local structure and intrinsic crystal-field on the EPR parameters for Nd3+ ions in Bi4Ge3O12 crystal

Controlling One-Electron vs Two-Electron Pathways in the Multi-Electron Redox Cycle of Nickel Diethyldithiocarbamate.

A Joint Venture of Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics, Coupled Cluster Electronic Structure Methods, and Liquid-State Theory to Compute Accurate Isotropic Hyperfine Constants of Nitroxide Probes in Water

EPR spectroscopy and structural investigations, of Eu2+-doped chloroborate glass-ceramic

EPR study of interlayer interaction in Gd2O3/Fe nanostructure

Theoretical studies of the electron paramagnetic resonance parameters and local structures for Cu2+ in (100-2x)TeO2-xAg2O-xWO3 glasses

Controlling One-Electron Vs Two-Electron Pathways in the Multi-Electron Redox Cycle of Nickel Diethyldithiocarbamate

1,2,3‐propanetriol radicals formed during oxidative stress

Evaluation of EPR parameters for compressed and elongated local structures of VO2+ and Cu2+ spin probes in BaO-TeO2-B2O3 glasses

United calculation of the optical and EPR spectral data for Co2+-doped CdS crystal

Structural and EPR studies of Cu2+ ions in NaPO3 – Sb2O3 – CuO glasses

Spin-dependent properties in the framework of the dynamic correlation dressed complete active space method.

Chemistry of mixed-ligand oxidovanadium(IV) complexes of aroylhydrazones incorporating quinoline derivatives: Study of solution behavior, theoretical evaluation and protein/DNA interaction.

Mechanistic Insight into Dioxygen Evolution from Diastereomeric μ-Peroxo Dinuclear Co(III) Complexes Based on Stoichiometric Electron-Transfer Oxidation.

Theoretical investigations of the electron paramagnetic resonance parameters for rutile TiO2:Cu2+ at low temperature

First-Principles Investigation of Paramagnetic Centers in P2 O5 Based Glasses

The Structure and Internal Dynamics of R6-p-C6H4-R6 Biradical: EPR, X-ray Crystallography and DFT Calculations

Electron-Spin Structure and Metal-Ligand Bonding in Open-Shell Systems from Relativistic EPR and NMR: A Case Study of Square-Planar Iridium Catalysts.

Studies of the Local Distortions for Cu 2+ in Ba 2 Zn(HCOO) 6 ·4H 2 O Single Crystal

Measuring radical diffusion in viscous liquids by electron paramagnetic resonance

Theoretical investigations on the EPR parameters and local structures for V4+ in alkali niobium borate glasses

Investigation on Thermodynamic and Paramagnetic Centres in Gd-Doped LiGa5O8 Inverse-Spinel-Structure

Effective yet reliable computation of hyperfine coupling constants in solution by a QM/MM approach: Interplay between electrostatics and non-electrostatic effects.

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Epr Parameters Epr 매개변수

Epr Parameters Epr 매개변수
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