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All-Oxide Thin Film Varactor: From Test Structure to SMD Component

Damping enhancement in coherent ferrite-insulating-paramagnet bilayers

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Influence of interface and microstructure on magnetization of epitaxial Fe4N thin film

Low value for the static background dielectric constant in epitaxial PZT thin films

Epitaxial Integration on Si(001) of Ferroelectric Hf0.5Zr0.5O2 Capacitors with High Retention and Endurance.

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Microstructure Evolution in Belt-Casted Strip of Grain Oriented Electrical Steel

Modulation of lattice constants by changing the composition and strain in incommensurate Nowotny chimney-ladder phase FeGeγ epitaxially grown on Si

Interface resonance in Fe/Pt/MgO multilayer structure with large voltage controlled magnetic anisotropy change

Stabilisation of tetragonal FeCo structure with high magnetic anisotropy by the addition of V and N elements

Magnetic ripple domain structure in FeGa/MgO thin films

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Self-assembled polydomain structures and domain engineering

Effect of Ge layer thickness on the formation of Mn5Ge3 thin film on Ge/Si (1 1 1)

Switching Properties of Ferroelectric Perovskite Superlattices

Synthesizing lead white pigments by lead corrosion: New insights into the ancient manufacturing processes

Optical revelation of defects in epitaxial barium titanate films.

Epitaxial Growth of Fe3O4 Layers on the C-Plane of Sapphire by Pulsed Laser Deposition

Thickness-dependent magnetic order and phase-transition dynamics in epitaxial Fe-rich FeRh thin films

Significance of epitaxial ferrite formation on phase transformation kinetics in quenching and partitioning steels: modeling and experiment

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Large non-reciprocal propagation of surface acoustic waves in epitaxial ferromagnetic/semiconductor hybrid structures

Formation and decomposition of Widmanstätten austenite in GOES belt-casted strips

Optical Detection of Phase-Resolved Ferromagnetic Resonance in Epitaxial FeCo Thin Films

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Epitaxial Fe 에피택셜 Fe

Epitaxial Fe 에피택셜 Fe
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