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Epilepsy Care sentence examples within Routine Epilepsy Care

Adolescence and Epilepsy: The Perfect Storm for Suicidal Behavior

ADHD and epilepsy-related QoL in youth with epilepsy

Epilepsy Care sentence examples within Comprehensive Epilepsy Care

Resistant Temporal Lobe Epilepsy: Initial Steps into a Bigger Epilepsy Surgery Program

Process-oriented and personalized psychotherapeutic care for epilepsy: Interim results of a feasibility study

Epilepsy Care sentence examples within Improve Epilepsy Care

Global Health and Epilepsy: Update and Future Directions

Innovative approaches reaching underserved and rural communities to improve epilepsy care: A review of the methodology of the Connectors Project

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Epilepsy Care sentence examples within Centered Epilepsy Care

Underutilization of epilepsy surgery: Part II: Strategies to overcome barriers

Reciprocal burden: Adults with drug-resistant epilepsy reflect upon informal caregiver support

Epilepsy Care sentence examples within Specialist Epilepsy Care

What is the effect of delays in access to specialist epilepsy care on patient outcomes? A systematic review and meta-analysis

Improving access to epilepsy care for homeless patients in the Dublin Inner City: a collaborative quality improvement project joining hospital and community care

Interrogating the promise of technology in epilepsy care: systematic, hermeneutic review

Epileptologists infrequently discuss the risk of intubation with patients with epilepsy in the United States.

Can Big Data guide prognosis and clinical decisions in epilepsy?

Patient empowerment as capabilities: The perspective of patients with epilepsy at a medical-social center in France

Understanding the cultural context of epilepsy care in Uganda: Introduction to this special issue

Risk factors for psychological distress in electroencephalography technicians during the COVID-19 pandemic: A national-level cross-sectional survey in Japan

Stakeholder views of the practical and cultural barriers to epilepsy care in Uganda

Epilepsy beliefs and misconceptions among patient and community samples in Uganda

Leveraging the lessons learned from studies on the cultural context of epilepsy care in Uganda: Opportunities and future directions

Epileptologists telling their experiences caring for patients with epilepsy

Hospital-based epilepsy care in Uganda: A prospective study of three major public referral hospitals

Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on epilepsy practice in India: A tripartite survey

Pediatric and adult epileptologist perspectives and experiences of pediatric to adult epilepsy care transition: “Saying goodbye and opening a door.”

In 2016, Medicaid and Medicare paid about 65% of all inpatient hospitalization costs for all-age persons hospitalized with epilepsy as the principal diagnosis

Establishing a learning healthcare system to improve health outcomes for people with epilepsy

Implementation of an older adult epilepsy clinic utilizing pharmacist services.

A Bespoke Electronic Health Record for Epilepsy Care (EpiToMe): Development and Qualitative Evaluation

Engaging stakeholders in the refinement of an evidence-based remotely delivered epilepsy self-management program for rural populations

Epilepsy in China: major progress in the past two decades

Changes in empowerment and anxiety of patients and parents during genetic counselling for epilepsy.

Cost-effectiveness analysis of responsive neurostimulation for drug-resistant focal onset epilepsy.

Responsive neurostimulation for drug-resistant focal onset epilepsy may be cost effective in the USA

The impact of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic on outpatient epilepsy care: An analysis of physician practices in Germany

An online tool for information to women with epilepsy and therapeutic drug monitoring in pregnancy: Design and pilot study

Epilepsy care and COVID‐19: A cross‐sectional online survey from Lithuania

Epilepsy surgery in Africa: state of the art and challenges

Sociocultural determinants and patterns of healthcare utilization for epilepsy care in Uganda

Epilepsy in Africa: Can we end suffering and financial hardship due to lack of access to effective and affordable care?

Economic Burden of Epilepsy in Rural Ituri, Democratic Republic of Congo

Quality of life improves with integrated behavioral health services in pediatric new-onset epilepsy

Reperfusion therapies and poststroke seizures

Use of HL7 FHIR to structure data in epilepsy self-management applications

2 Epilepsy in people with an intellectual disability- managing the neuropsychiatric challenges!

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G277(P) Worldwide short course education programmes in epilepsy for paediatricians – are they effective?

A cascade of care for people with epilepsy: learning from “HIV/AIDS 90-90-90”

Ethnicity and health outcomes among people with epilepsy participating in an epilepsy self-management RCT

030 Management and attitudes towards persons with epilepsy in general practice: how far have we come?

Improving paediatric epilepsy management at the first level of care: a pilot education intervention for clinical officers in Zambia

Proyecto colaborativo inicial con Honduras para el centro de atención integral 1 de epilepsia del programa prioritario de epilepsia en México con un enfoque de telemedicina

Status epilepticus

Investigation of patient and observer agreement on description of seizures at initial clinical visit

Level of empowerment and decision-making style of women with epilepsy in childbirth age

Claims data analyses unable to properly characterize the value of neurologists in epilepsy care

Assessment of Health Related Quality of Life in Patients with Epilepsy

Management and attitudes toward patients with epilepsy in general practice: How far have we come in three decades?

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Fifteen-minute consultation: Epilepsy in the child with intellectual disabilities—the challenges

Prevalence, clinical characteristics, and seizure outcomes of epilepsy due to calcific clinical stage of neurocysticercosis: Study in a rural community in south India

Survey of epilepsy and seizure awareness in Manitoba: An evaluation

Collaboration of Care for Women with Epilepsy in their Reproductive Years.

Epilepsy in Asia: Disease burden, management barriers, and challenges

Seizure detection watch improves quality of life for adolescents and their families

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Epilepsy Care 간질 치료

Epilepsy Care 간질 치료
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