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Chitin Deacetylases are Required for Epichloë festucae Endophytic Cell Wall Remodelling During Establishment of a Mutualistic Symbiotic Interaction with Lolium perenne.

Histological Methods to Detect Early-stage Plant Defense Responses during Artificial Inoculation of Lolium perenne with Epichloë festucae.

An Assessment of the Lolium perenne (Perennial Ryegrass) Seedborne Microbiome across Cultivars, Time, and Biogeography: Implications for Microbiome Breeding

Host apoplastic cysteine protease activity is supressed during the mutualistic association of Lolium perenne and Epichloë festucae.

A root aphid Aploneura lentisci is affected by Epichloë endophyte strain and impacts perennial ryegrass growth in the field

The Role of Fungal Microbiome Components on the Adaptation to Salinity of Festuca rubra subsp. pruinosa

Comparison of Plant Metabolites in Root Exudates of Lolium perenne Infected with Different Strains of the Fungal Endophyte Epichloë festucae var. lolii

The Epichloë festucae Antifungal Protein Efe-AfpA Is also a Possible Effector Protein Required for the Interaction of the Fungus with Its Host Grass Festuca rubra subsp. rubra

Unexpected larval habit of Listronotus bonariensis (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) raises questions about population dynamics analysis and management

The complete mitochondrial genome of Paecilomyces penicillatus (Hypocreales: Sordariomycetes)

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Epichloe Festucae 에피클로에 페스투카에

Epichloe Festucae 에피클로에 페스투카에
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