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Architectural and facies characterization of the Aptian fluvial Barbalha Formation, Araripe Basin, NE Brazil

Limited influence of landscape on the genetic structure of three small mammals in a heterogeneous arid environment

Diversification and gene flow of tilapia species driven by ecological changes in lowland and mountain areas of southern Mauritania

Integrated hydrogeological modelling of hard-rock semi-arid terrain: supporting sustainable agricultural groundwater use in Hout catchment, Limpopo Province, South Africa

Namib Sand Sea

Comparative analysis of time-based and quadrat sampling in seasonal population dynamics of intermediate hosts of human schistosomes

Revisiting the contemporaneity of a mighty river and the Harappans: Archaeological, stratigraphic and chronometric constraints

The Aerosols, Radiation and Clouds in Southern Africa Field Campaign in Namibia: Overview, Illustrative Observations, and Way Forward

Fan Deltas and Floodplains in Valencian Coastal Plains

The role of local perched aquifers in regional groundwater recharge in semi-arid environments: evidence from the Cuvelai-Etosha Basin, Namibia

An assessment of the freshwater natural capital in KwaZulu-Natal for conservation planning

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Ephemeral River 덧없는 강

Ephemeral River 덧없는 강
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