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Production and Purification of Therapeutic Enzymes.

Therapeutic Enzymes: Function and Clinical Implications

A Branched Diterpene Cascade: The Mechanism of Spinodiene Synthase from Saccharopolyspora spinosa.

Strategies and Challenges for the Development of Industrial Enzymes Using Fungal Cell Factories

Validation of leaf enzymes in the detergent and textile industries: launching of a new platform technology

Effects of exogenous fibrolytic and amylolytic enzymes on ruminal fermentation and performance of mid-lactation dairy cows.

The effect of a feed additive supplemented with porcine plasma protein on growth performance and selected biochemical indices of nursing piglets

Characterisation of three terpene synthases for β-barbatene, β-araneosene and nephthenol from social amoebae.

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Effects of exogenous amylolytic enzymes on fermentation, nutritive value, and in vivo digestibility of rehydrated corn silage

ATP-binding Cassette Transporters Substantially Reduce Estimates of ALDH-positive Cancer Cells based on Aldefluor and AldeRed588 Assays

Implications of Lateral or Horizontal Gene Transfer from Bacteria to the Human Gastrointestinal System for Cancer Development and Treatment

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Enzyme Products 효소 제품

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