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Electrochemical performance of ruthenium nanoparticles decorated on nitride carbon for non-enzymatic detection of hydrogen peroxide.

Facile Bottom-up Preparation of WS2-Based Water-Soluble Quantum Dots as Luminescent Probes for Hydrogen Peroxide and Glucose

Organic solvent free in situ growth of flower like Co-ZIF microstructures on nickel foam for glucose sensing and supercapacitor applications

Copper-induced synthesis of palladium/copper popcorn nanoparticles as sensors for differential pulse voltammetric determination of dopamine

In situ synthesis of CuO nanoparticles decorated hierarchical Ce-metal-organic framework nanocomposite for an ultrasensitive non-enzymatic glucose sensor

Supercritical Fluid-Assisted Fabrication of Manganese (III) Oxide Hollow Nanozymes Mediated by Polymer Nanoreactors for Efficient Glucose Sensing Characteristics.

One-Pot Electrochemical Synthesis of Lead Oxide- Electrochemically Reduced Graphene Oxide Nanostructures and Their Electrocatalytic Applications

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Enzymatic Sensing 효소 감지

Enzymatic Sensing 효소 감지
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