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Estratégias e práticas de gestão, orientadas à sustentabilidade organizacional: um estudo em uma cooperativa de crédito no estado do Paraná

A Preliminary Investigation into the Environmental and Social Dimensions on the Sustainability Triple Bottom Line

Environmental Dimensions sentence examples within post industrial tourism

Post-Industrial Tourism as a Driver of Sustainable Development

Environmental Dimensions sentence examples within Variou Environmental Dimensions

Green Chemistry for Green Solvent Production and Sustainability Toward Green Economy

Achieving Zero Hunger by 2030 A Review of Quantitative Assessments of Synergies and Tradeoffs amongst the UN Sustainable Development Goals

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Environmental Dimensions sentence examples within environmental dimensions associated

Review: Production factors affecting poultry carcass and meat quality attributes.

Construction of beef quality through official quality signs, the example of Label Rouge.

Practices and Challenges Encountered by Woodcarving Industry in Paete, Laguna: Basis for Sustainability Program

Modifiable personal and environmental factors associated with anxiety in family caregivers of children with disabilities: A comparison between parents and grandparents.

Fiscal Policy and Environment: A Long-Run Multivariate Empirical Analysis of Ecological Footprint in Pakistan.

Evaluating Health Related Quality of Life and Emotions in Muslim and Jewish Kidney Transplant Patients.

Framework for Risk-Based Decision Support on Infiltration and Inflow to Wastewater Systems

Investigating relationships between technological variability and ecology in the Middle Gravettian (ca. 32–28 ky cal. BP) in France

Bioethics, Environmental (See Environmental Ethics)

Conceptualising Subjectivities and Rationalities in Understanding Gendered Violence: Processes of Social and Cultural Change

Inclusive, Cross-Sectoral and Evidence-Based Decision-Making for Resilience Planning and Decision-Making in a Devolved Context

Towards the Definition of a Strategic Complexity Management Framework for Complex Industrial Systems

Adapting Business to Sustainable Development and New Technology

Determinant Factors for Apartment Location-Decisions in Surabaya

The social dynamics of basins of attraction

Behavioral entrepreneurship for achieving the sustainable development goals

Measuring rural community resilience: case studies in New Zealand and Vermont, USA

Towards sustainable development: risk management for organizational security

The Effects of Reverse Knowledge Spillover on China’s Sustainable Development: Sustainable Development Indicators Based on Institutional Quality

The different dimensions of sustainability and bank performance: Evidence from the EU and the USA

occAssess: An R package for assessing potential biases in species occurrence data

An overview of greenhouse gases emissions in Hungary

A systematic review on life cycle assessment of different waste to energy valorization technologies

COVID-19 Economic Response and Recovery: A Rapid Scoping Review

Analysis of The Effects of Open Place Performance on Users Satisfaction Using Post-Occupancy Evaluation

Underground Spaces: a Step Towards Sustainable Development in Khuzestan Province, Iran

The Implementation of CSA Model in Aquaculture Management in Poland

A critical analysis of the food–energy–water nexus in the Kootenai River Basin

A Review of the Economic, Social and Environmental Impacts of Tourism Development


Culture, energy and climate sustainability, and smart home technologies: a mixed methods comparison of four countries

Environmental dimensions of the protein corona

Outsourcing remanufacturing and collecting strategies analysis with information asymmetry

Reopening of Schools in the COVID-19 Pandemic: The Quality of Life of Teachers While Coping with This New Challenge in the North of Spain

A Best Practice of Water Management at Mahidol University, Salaya Campus, Thailand

Achieving the UN’s SDG 6 as a Means to Control the COVID-19 Pandemics in Brazil

Complementarity between CSR dimensions and innovation: behaviour, objective or both?

Concept Paper on Sustainability

Development of hydro-social-economic-environmental sustainability index (HSEESI) in integrated water resources management

Configuração de mercados étnicos nas dimensões temporal e ambiental: um ensaio teórico sobre negócios de imigrantes brasileiros

A robust fuzzy multi-objective programming model to design a sustainable hospital waste management network considering resiliency and uncertainty: A case study.

Predictors of asthma‐related quality of life in a large cohort of asthmatics: A cross‐sectional study in a secondary care center

Relationship Between Frequency and Intensity of Menopausal Symptoms and Quality of Life Among Polish Nurses

Identifying and Prioritizing Activities for Achieving Green Project Management (GPM) in Terms of Lean and Sustainability in the Isfahan Parks and Green Space Organization

Towards digitalisation of socially sustainable neighbourhood design

An evaluative model for assessing pandemic resilience at the neighborhood level: The case of Tehran

Social Issues in Supply Chain Sustainability – Focus Areas for Energy and Manufacturing sectors in India and USA

Green Finance Development in Bangladesh: The Role of Private Commercial Banks (PCBs)

Geografía del acceso desigual a los servicios de energía en los hogares de México

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