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Augmenting Paraphrase Generation with Syntax Information Using Graph Convolutional Networks

Augmenting Paraphrase Generation with Syntax Information using Graph Convolutional Networks

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Heat transfer and flow characteristics of novel patterns of chevron minichannel heat sink: An insight into thermal management of microelectronic devices

Day-Ahead Electricity Price And Spike Forecasting Using Machine Learning Techniques

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A parametric study on heat transfer and pressure drop characteristics of circular tube with alternating flattened flow path

MODIS Does Not Capture the Spatial Heterogeneity of Snow Cover Induced by Solar Radiation

Leveraging Genomic Associations in Precision Digital Care for Weight Loss: Cohort Study

Image-based Table Cell Detection: a Novel Table Structure Decomposition Method with New Dataset

Implementation of a national HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis service is associated with changes in characteristics of people with newly diagnosed HIV: a retrospective cohort study

Precise distances from OGLE-IV member RR Lyrae stars in six bulge globular clusters

The next three epochs: Health system challenges amidst and beyond the COVID‐19 era

Enhanced N-V interaction domains for the design of CLT shear wall based on coupled connections models

Employing enhanced geometries in water bath heating system of natural gas pressure drop stations: Comparative study

An evaluation of various data pre-processing techniques with machine learning models for water level prediction

Assessment of vortex generator shapes for enhancing thermohydraulic performance of fluid flow in a channel equipped with perforated chevron plate-fin

Novel Multistate Fault Diagnosis and Location Method for Key Components of High-Speed Trains

Covariation of Passive-Active Microwave Measurements over Vegetated Surfaces: Case Studies at L-Band Passive and L-, C- and X-Band Active

GRACE and TRMM mission: The role of remote sensing techniques for monitoring spatio-temporal change in total water mass, Nile basin

Modeling Task Capability in Full Velocity Differential Model

Introducing a New Model of Sweet Taste Receptor, a Class C G-protein Coupled Receptor (C GPCR)

Dynamic (Transient) Modeling and Study of Light Rail Transit System

Initialization of Pulse Transit Time-Based Blood Pressure Monitors

Robust Russell and enhanced Russell measures in DEA

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Thermal-hydraulics analysis of flow blockage events for fuel assembly in a sodium-cooled fast reactor

Helicity Dynamics, Inverse, and Bidirectional Cascades in Fluid and Magnetohydrodynamic Turbulence: A Brief Review

Using MD&A to Improve Earnings Forecasts

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Enhanced Models 향상된 모델

Enhanced Models 향상된 모델
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