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Highly Miniaturized and Wideband 3-dB Quadrature Hybrid Using Slow-Wave Coupled Line

Ultrastrong photon-to-magnon coupling in multilayered heterostructures involving superconducting coherence via ferromagnetic layers

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Electronic bandgap manipulation of monolayer WS2 by vertically coupled insulated Mg(OH)2 layers

Greatly enhanced electric field by the improved metal-insulator-metal structure in the visible region.

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Exceptional Points as Lasing Prethresholds

Fully filling-controlled pyrochlore ruthenates: Emergent ferromagnetic-metal state and geometrical Hall effect

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Improvement on the manipulation of a single nitrogen-vacancy spin and microwave photon at single-quantum level

Confined sub-nanometer PtCo clusters as a highly efficient and robust electrocatalyst for the hydrogen evolution reaction

A Eukaryotic Circuit for Secrete-and-Sense Autonomy

A Parametric Study of Inductive SWIPT Systems Assisted by Metamaterial Using Virtual Magnetic TL-Based Channel Modeling

Permanent Dipole Moments Enhance Electronic Coupling and Singlet Fission in Pentacene.

Design of A Low-profile and Low Scattering Wideband Planar Phased Antenna Array

Facet-Oriented Coupling Enables Fast and Sensitive Colloidal Quantum Dot Photodetectors.

Investigation of optical absorption enhancement of plasmonic configuration by graphene on LiNbO3-SiO2 structure.

Complex optical conductivity of Bi2Se3 thin film: Approaching two-dimensional limit

Simulation, fabrication and control of nanophotonic circuits including diamond-based quantum emitters

The utility of maraviroc, an antiretroviral agent used to treat HIV, as treatment for opioid abuse? Data from MRI and behavioural testing in rats

Non-Kolmogorov turbulence in multiphase intracluster medium driven by cold gas precipitation and AGN jets

Control of amorphous solid water target morphology induced by deposition on a charged surface

Chemical trends of cation-vacancy-induced d0 ferromagnetism in dilute zinc chalcogenides

Amino acid interactions that facilitate enzyme catalysis.

Evaluation of Nanoplasmonic Optical Fiber Sensors Based on D-Type and Suspended Core Fibers with Metallic Nanowires

Modified propagation path and expanded coupling regime of lower hybrid fast wave by n ∥-upshift via wave scattering in VEST

Neural correlates of social and non-social personal space intrusions: Role of defensive and peripersonal space systems in interpersonal distance regulation

Global Simulations of the Vertical Shear Instability with Non-ideal Magnetohydrodynamical Effects

Competition of magnetic ordering and spin-phonon coupling in multiferroic hexagonal YMn1−xCrxO3

Miniaturised frequency selective surface based on fractal arrays with square slots for enhanced bandwidth

Enhanced Theta and High-Gamma Coupling during Late Stage of Rule Switching Task in Rat Hippocampus

Emerging applications of peptide-oligonucleotide conjugates: bioactive scaffolds, self-assembling systems, and hybrid nanomaterials.

Mu-Negative Metamaterials Seen as Band-Limited Non-Foster Impedances in Inductive Power Transmission Systems

Power scaling of the self-frequency-doubled quasi-two-level Yb:YCOB laser with a 30% slope efficiency.

A high-pressure enhanced coupling effect between graphene electrical contacts and two-dimensional materials thereby improving the performance of their constituent FET devices

Optical coupling of quantum dot microlasers

Graphene-based hierarchical sandwich-type hybrid nanostructures for optical limiters

Study of Surface Character of Micrometer-Scale Dipole-Exchange Spin Waves in an Yttrium Iron Garnet Film

The role of the anterior and midcingulate cortex in the neurobiology of functional neurologic disorder.

Enhancing laser beam performance by interfering intense laser beamlets

Nonlinear Coherence Effects in Transient-Absorption Ion Spectroscopy with Stochastic Extreme-Ultraviolet Free-Electron Laser Pulses.

Anterior insular cortex plays a critical role in interoceptive attention

Multiple Scattering from Electrospun Nanofibers with Embedded Silver Nanoparticles of Tunable Shape for Random Lasers and White-Light-Emitting Diodes.

Eigenmode hybridization enables lattice-induced transparency in symmetric terahertz metasurfaces for slow light applications

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Enhanced Coupling 향상된 커플링

Enhanced Coupling 향상된 커플링
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