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Human capital development: development of professional competencies through soft skills

Engineering and graphic education during and after the COVID-19 pandemic: Challenges and opportunities

Strategies to Mitigate the COVID-19 Challenges of Universities in Bangladesh

IGIP Prototype Curriculum, Teachers’ Professional Development and Distance Education in Russia During COVID-19 Pandemic



Elements of stress relieving strategies amongst engineering students.

Fostering Knowledge Sharing Behavior Among Pakistani Engineering Students: Role of Individual and Classroom Related Factors

Adolescent health literacy: factors effecting usage and expertise of digital health literacy among universities students in Pakistan

Reputation Profiles of Chinese Universities - Converging with Global Trends or National Characteristics?

Preparation of PhD Students for Engineering Disciplines’ Teaching

Exploring the Teaching of Artistic Forming Using Pulp Materials

Revisiting Engineering Identity in a Common Introduction to Engineering Course to Improve Retention

Continuing engineering education: background and development vectors

Signal and System Experimental Research under the Background of Engineering Education Certification

Aspects of Modern Engineering Education

Research on the Curriculum System of Entrepreneurship Education in Financial and Economic Colleges

Implementation of Micro Controller Based Electromechanical Over Current Relay for Radial Feeder Protection

The Role of Flagship Universities in a Region:Transformation Models

Augmented Reality in Teaching Descriptive Geometry, Engineering and Computer Graphics – Systematic Review and Results of the Russian Teachers’ Experience

The Investigation and Analysis on the Media Literacy of Students in Science and Engineering Universities

Teaching Assistant System of Lathe Turning Training Based on Mobile Augmented Reality

New CAD/CAM course framework in digital manufacturing

Training PhD students for teaching of engineering disciplines: Study of Russian Universities Experience

Research on Problems and Countermeasures of Intellectual Property Management in Anhui Colleges and Universities

Improving the Effectiveness of “Situation and Policy” Course in Polytechnic Colleges and Universities

Web-Based Scaffolding Teaching of EAP Reading and Writing

Terminology Glossaries for Engineering Students of Kirghizstan

Suggestions on Teaching Reform of Lathe Work Practice in Engineering Universities

Comparison of Anxiety levels among Medical & Engineering Students

Impact of student mobility in agro-engineering universities on development of vocational speech culture

University–Industry Linkages in Promoting Technology Transfer: A Study of Vietnamese Technical and Engineering Universities

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Engineering Universities 공학 대학

Engineering Universities 공학 대학
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