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An Online Educational Hackathon to Foster Professional Skills and Intense Collaboration on Software Engineering Students

Not Teaching Software Engineering Standards to Future Software Engineers-Malpractice?

The Role of Entrepreneurial Education in the Development (and Success) of Family-owned Technology-based Businesses in Romania

Ensino de Números Complexos no Ensino Médio, Técnico e Superior: um Mapeamento de Produções Brasileiras

A Cross-Disciplinary Entrepreneurship Commercialization Process Model: Learning In Action

Teaching Engineering Students Freehand Sketching with an Intelligent Tutoring System

Agnotology, Gender, and Engineering: An Emergent Typology

Emeriti faculty as mentors: the benefits and rewards of mentoring the next generation

Teaching Entrepreneurship and Innovation to University Students

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Engineering Professors 공학 교수

Engineering Professors 공학 교수
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