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Engineering Products sentence examples within Mechanical Engineering Products

Research performance of secondary ABS plastic modified with an organosilicon compound used in automobile and mechanical engineering

Recognition of structural elements of mechanical engineering as a solution to data formalization problem

Engineering Products sentence examples within Tissue Engineering Products

Biological evaluation of selective laser melted magnesium alloy powder

New insight of immuno-engineering in osteoimmunomodulation for bone regeneration

Engineering Products sentence examples within Genetic Engineering Products

Considering Ethics in Agricultural Experimental Research with Special Mention to Agricultural Biotechnology Research

The Importance of Legal Protection Towards Consumers of Genetic Engineering Products (PRG) in Agriculture and Health

Engineering Products sentence examples within Civil Engineering Products

Negative selection algorithm based methodology for online structural health monitoring

Behavior of composite self-compacting concrete (SCC) reinforced with steel wires from waste tires

Engineering Products sentence examples within Competitive Engineering Products

Automated Quality Control Systems for Paint Coatings in Industry

Automated Quality Control Systems for Paint Coatings in Industry

Engineering Products sentence examples within Manufacturing Engineering Products

Implementation of ultra-high speed machining with an edge tool

Application of Blockchain Computer Technology to Trace the Causes of Defects in the Supply Chains of Engineering Products

Engineering Products sentence examples within Financial Engineering Products

Re-visiting Current Debate on Shar¯ı‘ah Position of Derivatives

The Importance of Hedging Financial Engineering Products in Reducing the Risk of Trading Securities

Engineering Products sentence examples within Modern Engineering Products

Calculation of the coordinates of the modified profile of the generating surface of the gear cutting tool

Ultra-precision Machining of Surfaces of Elements of Devices from Optical Materials

Engineering Products sentence examples within Radio Engineering Products

Analysis of programs for calculation of the system characteristics of ultra-wide range receiving paths

LPKF-LDS technology for the production of three-dimensional schemes on plastics

Halogen-free ionic liquids as high performance extractants for phenols separation

Application of the geometrical models, graphs and elements of robots kinematics as the basic elements of the unified methodology for assurance of accuracy calculating stage in precision axisymmetric products assembling

Determination of the elastic constants of thermally modified beech by ultrasound and static tests coupled with 3D digital image correlation

Smart Topology Optimization Using Adaptive Neighborhood Simulated Annealing

Robust optimisation of computationally expensive models using adaptive multi-fidelity emulation

Part-Aware Product Design Using Deep Generative Network

3D Printing of Fiber-Reinforced Plastic Composites Using Fused Deposition Modeling: A Status Review

Organizational Problems of Machine-Building Enterprises in the Context of Small-Scale Production

Machine-building enterprise performance and quality improvement tools

Critical success factors for new horizons in the supply chain of 3-D printed products – A review

An Assembly Approach for Determining the Maintainability index for Engineered Products

Predicting and Managing Reliability in the Application of Safety Devices with Deterministic Tripping Load

A Sampling-Based Sensitivity Analysis Method Considering the Uncertainties of Input Variables and Their Distribution Parameters

Composites of Polymer Blends and Their Applications Using Natural Fibres: A Review

Effects of calcium-treatment of a plastic injection mold steel on the tool wear and power consumption in slot milling

Reliability estimation for the randomly censored pareto distribution

The Maintenance’s Strategy & the 4th Industrial Revolution

Solving Problem of Curved Surface Approximation by Layers with Constant and Variable Sections During Forming by Additive Methods

3D nanofabrication using controlled-acceleration-voltage electron beam lithography with nanoimprinting technology

A study on bone tissue engineering: Injectable chitosan-g-stearic acid putty.

Coarse-grained molecular dynamics simulation of deformation and fracture in polycarbonate: Effect of loading mode, strain rate, temperature and molar mass

Optimisation of build orientation to achieve minimum environmental impact in Stereo-lithography

Modal Analysis of Composite Panel at different Fiber Orientations

Characterization and dynamic mechanical analysis of woven roven glass fiber/cerium-zirconium oxide epoxy nanocomposite materials

Game-Inspired Engineering Design: Processes and Case Studies

A Review on Peanut Shell Powder Reinforced Polymer Composites


White-Rot Fungi Control on Populus spp. Wood by Pressure Treatments with Silver Nanoparticles, Chitosan Oligomers and Propolis

Subassembly Detection and Optimal Assembly Sequence Generation through Elephant Search Algorithm

Economic analysis of remanufacturing of engine valves - a case study

Refined Method of Analyzing Potential Defects in Engineering Products

Single and Sequential Sampling Plans for Multi-Attribute Products and Multi-Class Lot in Reliability Test

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