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Engineering Models sentence examples within System Engineering Models

Verification and Validation of SysML Models

Autism Case Report: Cause and Treatment of “High Opioid Tone” Autism

Engineering Models sentence examples within Software Engineering Models

To Get Good Student Ratings should you only Teach Programming Courses? Investigation and Implications of Student Evaluations of Teaching in a Software Engineering Context

Mind Map and Business Process Model: Specification support by model transformation

Engineering Models sentence examples within Control Engineering Models

A real-time HIL control system on rotary inverted pendulum hardware platform based on double deep Q-network

Scheduling in production, supply chain and Industry 4.0 systems by optimal control: fundamentals, state-of-the-art and applications

Engineering Models sentence examples within Complex Engineering Models

The Preliminary Study on the Perception of Engineering Students on Blended Learning

Modification of Variance-Based Sensitivity Indices for Stochastic Evaluation of Monitoring Measures

Engineering Models sentence examples within Tissue Engineering Models


Comparative Transcriptome Analysis of Human Adipose-Derived Stem Cells Undergoing Osteogenesis in 2D and 3D Culture Conditions

Engineering Models sentence examples within Civil Engineering Models

Journal of building engineering Microgrid Oriented modeling of space heating system based on neural networks

Combining finite and infinite elements: Why do we use infinite idealizations in engineering?

Engineering Models sentence examples within Service Engineering Models

Service Engineering Models: History and Present-Day Requirements

Smart Service Engineering: Promising Approaches for a Digitalized Economy

Engineering Models sentence examples within Reaction Engineering Models

There is Only One Valid Definition of Clearance: Critical Examination of Clearance Concepts Reveals the Potential for Errors in Clinical Drug Dosing Decisions

Reaction engineering implications of cellulose crystallinity and water-promoted recrystallization

Engineering Models sentence examples within Local Engineering Models

Engineering Data Logistics for Agile Automation Systems Engineering

Efficient Engineering Data Exchange in Multi-disciplinary Systems Engineering

Engineering Models sentence examples within Web Engineering Models

Context Mining based Mental Health Model for Lifecare Platform

Cloud-based enterprise resource planning with elastic model-view-controller architecture for Internet realization

Engineering Models sentence examples within Simplified Engineering Models

Comparison of analysis methods for wind-driven cross ventilation through large openings

Parametric Creative Design of Building Free-Forms Roofed with Transformed Shells Introducing Architect’s and Civil Engineer’s Responsible Artistic Concepts

Engineering Models sentence examples within Different Engineering Models

Application of a multi-disciplinary design approach in a mechatronic engineering toolchain

Implementing mixed reality in automotive life cycle engineering: A visual analytics based approach

Engineering Models sentence examples within New Engineering Models

New dynamic‐inflow engineering models based on linear and nonlinear actuator disc vortex models

An engineering model for the prediction of the sound radiation from a railway track

Engineering Models sentence examples within Reservoir Engineering Models

Water Rights Related to Water Supplies and Uses

Artificial Intelligence Applications in Reservoir Engineering: A Status Check

Engineering Models sentence examples within Advanced Engineering Models

Nanofiltration of Multi-Ion Solutions: Quantitative Control of Concentration Polarization and Interpretation by Solution-Diffusion-Electro-Migration Model

Modelling nanofiltration of electrolyte solutions.

Engineering Models sentence examples within Detailed Engineering Models

Incorporating bubble growth volume feedback to improve simulation of the response of a structure containing liquid and gas to sudden energy input

A methodology for auto-calibrating urban building energy models using surrogate modeling techniques

Engineering Models sentence examples within Requirement Engineering Models

Software Security Requirement Engineering for Risk and Compliance Management

Trust Requirements in Blockchain Systems: A Preliminary Study

Engineering Models sentence examples within Linear Engineering Models

Design and Modelling of 2 MW AMB rotor with 3 Radial Bearing-Sensor Planes

Design, Modelling and Control of MIMO AMB System with 3 Radial Bearing Planes for Megawatt-Range High-Speed Rotor

Engineering Models sentence examples within Probabilistic Engineering Models

Cumulative Failure Probability of Deteriorating Structures: Can It Drop?

Reconstructing Stress Resultants in Wind Turbine Towers Based on Strain Measurements

Engineering Models sentence examples within engineering models lack

Representing Chemical Events by using Mathematical Notation from Pre-conceptual Schemas

Representing Chemical Events by using Mathematical Notation from Pre-conceptual Schemas

Analysis of difference-frequency wave loads and quadratic transfer functions on a restrained semi-submersible floating wind turbine

Residential high-resolution electricity demand optimization with a cooperative PSO algorithm

Space debris cumulative flux considering the Interval Distance-based method

Use of the bio-engineering technologies in the construction and upgrade of complex installations for obtaining energy from three renewable sources. Complex installations for flowing waters

A comparison of bottom-up methods for estimating institutional building energy use to inform resource and emission reduction strategies

Bernstein basis functions based algorithm for solving system of third order initial value problems

High-Throughput Investigation of the Electron Transport Properties in Si₁-ₓGeₓ Alloys

Blended isogeometric Kirchhoff–Love and continuum shells

Numerical and experimental studies of the hypersonic flow around a cube at incidence

On the energy losses due to tracks vibrations in rubber track crawler vehicles

The role of extracellular matrix biomolecules on endometrial epithelial cell attachment and cytokeratin 18 expression on gelatin hydrogels


A Lab of Hands-on STEM Experiments for Primary Teachers at CERN

Sensitivity method for extreme-based engineering problems

Titan’s “Average” Ionospheric Structures from Cassini

On the Use of the Antenna Theory Model of Lightning Return Stroke With Distributed Current Source for EMC Analysis

Influence of Noise on Information Theoretic Causality Measures for System Identification

Policy implications for the performance gap of low-carbon building technologies

LES of a Taylor Bubble in Co-current Turbulent Pipe Flow


Bioreactor System to Perfuse Mesentery Microvasculature and Study Flow Effects During Angiogenesis.

IASI-NG development status

Optimal household appliances scheduling of multiple smart homes using an improved cooperative algorithm

Appendix E: Semi-empirical Treatment of Simple Wall-Bounded Flows

Practical Modelling of Dynamic Decision Making

A High Performance Computing Framework for Multiphase, Turbulent Flows on Structured Grids

Pb-Free Solder Joint Thermo-Mechanical Modeling: State of the Art and Challenges

Penalty coupling of non-matching isogeometric Kirchhoff-Love shell patches with application to composite wind turbine blades

Study of board bending degree on hydrodynamic performances of a single-layer cambered otter-board

Characterisation of offshore winds for energy applications

A Similitude Theory for Modeling Traffic Flow Dynamics

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