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Modelling droplet heat and mass transfer in aero-engine bearing chambers

Influences of the Geometry of the Scavenge Pipe on the Air–Oil Two-Phase Flow and Heat Transfer in an Aero-Engine Bearing Chamber

Dynamic Cabin Air Contamination Calculation Theory

Subspace-based MVE for performance degradation assessment of aero-engine bearings with multimodal features

Experimental investigation into Gas Turbine Oil Scoop Capture Efficiency

Data Super-Network Fault Prediction Model and Maintenance Strategy for Mechanical Product Based on Digital Twin

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Fault Diagnosis Method of Aeroengine Bearing Based on Convolution Self-Coded Neural Network

Design and Testing of a Sensing System for Aero-Engine Smart Bearings

Mathematical Modeling of the Differential Dynamics of the Galvanic Process of Restoring the Seats of the Main Supports of Autotractor Engines

Lubrication Performance of Connecting-Rod and Main Bearing in Different Engine Operating Conditions

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Engine Bearing 엔진 베어링

Engine Bearing 엔진 베어링
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