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Meaningful autonomy in general surgery training: Exploring for gender bias.

Ophthalmology resident surgical training: Can we do better?

The ASSET Global Rating Scale is a Valid and Reliable Adjunct Measure of Performance on a Virtual Reality Simulator for Hip Arthroscopy.

Correlation between medical student empathy and a Korean nationwide comprehensive clinical assessment score at a medical school in Korea

Simulated management of inferior vena cava injury during robotic paraaortic lymphadenectomy utilizing the porcine model

A new role for imaging in the diagnosis of physical elder abuse: results of a qualitative study with radiologists and frontline providers

Leveraging Peer Teaching for Global Health Elective Preparation: Implementation of a Resident-Led Global Health Simulation Curriculum

An Innovative Approach for Familiarizing Surgeons with Malpractice Litigation.

Sex estimation by discriminant function analysis using anatomical location of mental foramen

Attending Surgeons Differ From Other Team Members in Their Perceptions of Operating Room Communication.

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Ending Faculty 종료 교수진

Ending Faculty 종료 교수진
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