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Onion-like nanospheres organized by carbon encapsulated few-layer MoS2 nanosheets with enhanced lithium storage performance

Carbon-encapsulated ultrathin MoS2 nanosheets epitaxially grown on porous metallic TiNb2O6 microspheres with unsaturated oxygen atoms for superior potassium storage

One-dimensional edge contact to encapsulated MoS2 with a superconductor

A microscopic spatially confined strategy to realize completely reversible self-healing lattice restoration of MoS2 for ultrastable reversible sodium-ion storage

Momentum-forbidden dark excitons in hBN-encapsulated monolayer MoS2

Probing and Tuning the Spin Textures of the K and Q Valleys in Few-Layer MoS2

Weak localization in boron nitride encapsulated bilayer MoS2

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Encapsulated Mos2 캡슐화된 Mos2

Encapsulated Mos2 캡슐화된 Mos2
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