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Employment of foreign students after graduation in Hungary in the context of entrepreneurship and sustainability

Undergraduate Students’ Entrepreneurial Attitude and Self-employment Intentions

Entrepreneurial Education and Self-employment: Does Entrepreneurial Self-efficacy Matter?

The Effect of QWL and Organizational Culture of Beauty Workers on Long-Term Employment Intention

Entrepreneurship education and self-employment intentions: A conditional effect of entrepreneurial self-efficacy evidence from a developing country

Exploring Methods of the Sustainable Development for Safety Engineering International Course

Hospitality graduates career pathways: an analysis of LinkedIn profiles

Factors associated with employment intentions of agriculture school students in South Korea

Comparative Analysis and Enlightenment of Employment Intentions of Chinese and American Financial Management Majors

L’impact de L’enseignement de L’entrepreneuriat Sur L’intention Entrepreneuriale des Étudiants de L’université De Ségou, Mali

Combined Effect of Personality Factors and Cognitive Factors on Students’ Self-Employment Intentions in Technical, Vocational Education and Training in Kenya

Comparative analysis of self-employment intentions among university students in four Central and Eastern European countries

Entrepreneurship education and undergraduate students’ self- and paid-employment intentions: A conceptual framework

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Employment Intentions 고용 의도

Employment Intentions 고용 의도
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