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How Do Human Resource Management Practices Matter in Young Employees’ Intention to Stay in Chinese State-owned Enterprises?

Employees’ acceptance of wearable devices: Towards a predictive model

Incentives Can’t Buy Me Knowledge: The Missing Effects of Appreciation and Aligned Performance Appraisals on Knowledge Sharing of Public Employees

Global CSR, drivers and consequences: a systematic review

Research on the Influence Mechanism of Family-Supportive Supervisor Behaviors on Employees’ Intention to Stay from the Perspective of Dual Scenario Embeddedness

Examining the Mediating Role of Organisational Support on the Relationship Between Organisational Cynicism and Turnover Intention in Technology Firms in Istanbul

The Relationship of Human Resource Practices (HRP) Constructs With Turnover Intention Among Employees in Sarawak, Malaysia


The influence of leadership behaviours on talent retention: An empirical study

Testing the Moderating Effect of Gender on Job Satisfaction and Employees’ Behaviours Relationship: Evidence from Mobile Telecommunication Network (MTN) Buea, Cameroon

Job Competency and Intention to Stay among Nursing Assistants: The Mediating Effects of Intrinsic and Extrinsic Job Satisfaction

Enabling organizational use of artificial intelligence: an employee perspective

Illegitimate Tasks and Employees’ Turnover Intention: A Serial Mediation Model

Employer brand to leverage employees’ intention to stay through sequential mediation model: evidence from Indian power sector

The mediating effect of exhaustion in the relationship between effort‐reward imbalance and turnover intentions: A 4‐year longitudinal study from Sweden

A model for enhancing employees’ lifelong learning intention online

An Examination of Moderating Effects of Demographics on Bullying to Turnover Intention: A Case of Korean Kitchen Employees in Upscale Hotels

The impact of SETA event attributes on employees’ security-related Intentions: An event system theory perspective

A Structural Equation Modelling Evaluation of Antecedents and Interconnections of Call Centre Agents’ Intention to Quit

Assessing the Moderating Effect of Security Technologies on Employees Compliance with Cybersecurity Control Procedures

Effectiveness of Talent Management Strategies: Evidence from Indian IT Sector

Supervisor Developmental Feedback and Employee Job Performance: Chain Mediation of Emotional Intelligence and Feedback Seeking

Deterrence and Prevention-based Model to Mitigate Information Security Insider Threats in Organisations

Knowledge sabotage as an extreme form of counterproductive knowledge behavior: conceptualization, typology, and empirical demonstration

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Employees Intention 직원의도

Employees Intention 직원의도
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