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Modelling the Psychological Impact of COVID-19 in Saudi Arabia Using Machine Learning

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Resource Integration process in Complex Service Systems: Examining Value Co-Creation at Higher Education Institutions

Factors affecting hotel interns’ satisfaction with internship experience and career intention in China

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Trait motivational reactivity as a predictor of online dating app behavior

Factors Facilitating the Implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals in Regional and Local Planning—Experiences from Norway

Empirical Insight sentence examples within First Empirical Insight

You are what you repeatedly do: Links between personality and habit

Generation Y’s Information Needs Concerning Sharing Rides in Autonomous Mobility on Demand Systems

Empirical Insight sentence examples within Providing Empirical Insight

Uncovering the impediments to successful built heritage management using stakeholder analysis

Higher education strategy in digital transformation

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A big picture: bibliometric study of academic publications from post-Soviet countries

Capturing conversations in entrepreneurial ecosystems

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Do Fit Opinions Matter? The Impact of Fit Context on Online Product Returns

Assessing changes to ecosystem service values at large geographic scale: A case study for Australia’s Great Barrier Reef

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Understanding integrated thinking: evidence from the field, the development of a framework and avenues for future research

Theorizing Process Dynamics with Directed Graphs: A Diachronic Analysis of Digital Trace Data

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How Experiments with Children Inform Economics

How Experiments with Children Inform Economics

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The spatial spillover and threshold effect of green finance on environmental quality: evidence from China

Cultivating Disgust: Prospects and Moral Implications

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Deploying a Model for Assessing Cognitive Automation Use Cases: Insights from Action Research with a Leading European Manufacturing Company

Empirical Capacity Measurements of Electric Vehicles Subject to Battery Degradation From V2G Services

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‘I feel that injustice is being done to me’: a qualitative study of women’s viewpoints on the (lack of) reimbursement for social egg freezing

Integrating Theories of Gender and Sexuality With Deviance: The Case of Prescription Drug Misuse during Sex

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How AI capabilities enable business model innovation: Scaling AI through co-evolutionary processes and feedback loops

Gaining insights into organizational communication dynamics through the analysis of implicit and explicit communication

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Working the urban assemblage: A transnational study of transforming practices

Young Gazan Refugees, Sport and Social Media: Understanding Migration as a Process of Becoming

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Muzzling social media: The adverse effects of moderating stakeholder conversations online

Facilitating inter-professional integration in palliative care: A service ecosystem perspective.

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Theoretical reflections on consumer behavior: the adoption and non-adoption of electric vehicles

Institutional Ownership and Firms’ Thrust to Compete

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University Students’ Perception, Evaluation, and Spaces of Distance Learning during the COVID-19 Pandemic in Austria: What Can We Learn for Post-Pandemic Educational Futures?

Understanding students as hosts: moving beyond sightseeing

Improving Community Engagement and Social Justice in Public Health Policymaking during the COVID Pandemics: Insights from Participatory Action-Research in Western Switzerland

Wheat rust epidemics damage Ethiopian wheat production: A decade of field disease surveillance reveals national-scale trends in past outbreaks.


From the desert to the city: how is Dubai branding itself through sustainable sport events?

The impact of the EU Directive on non-financial information: Novel features of the Italian case

Fuel choice and tradition: Why fuel stacking and the energy ladder are out of step?

Correction to: Using Geodesign as a boundary management process for planning nature-based solutions in river landscapes

A first look at Android applications in Google Play related to COVID-19

Framing and assessing the emergent field of business model innovation for the circular economy: A combined literature review and multiple case study approach

Introduction: sectarianisation in Southeast Asia and beyond

Morphological integration of the human brain across adolescence and adulthood

Working capital allocations and productivity: empirical issues and role of asset utilization

Value configurations in sharing economy business models

Antecedents and Consequences of Schema Modes among Adults

Making sense of sensing: Scaffolding community knowledge in an online informal scientific engagement

Exploring the Potential of Citizen Social Science for Environmental and Sustainability Research: Experiences of and with Community-Based Researchers

Persuasive Technology to Mitigate Aggressive Driving : A Human-centered Design Approach

User Loyalty Unbroken? Inflation of Trust in Digital Platforms

Expert habits of mind: Implications for knowledge co-production in energy transitions

The Ubiquity of Meeting Lateness! A Cross-Cultural Investigation of the Small to Moderate Effects of Workplace Meeting Lateness

The ‘wickedness’ of governing land subsidence: Policy perspectives from urban Southeast Asia

Development and modelling of realistic retrofitted Nature-based Solution scenarios to reduce flood occurrence at the catchment scale

Aesthetic Dimensions of Music-Initiated Processes in Co-Production

Cultural distance and inter-organizational knowledge transfer: a case study of a multinational company

Bi-layer network analytics: A methodology for characterizing emerging general-purpose technologies

Profiling and predicting the problem-solving patterns in China’s research systems: A methodology of intelligent bibliometrics and empirical insights


Nudgeability: Mapping Conditions of Susceptibility to Nudge Influence.

Energy Justice and the Capability Approach—Introduction to the Special Issue

Tourism expansion and economic growth in Tanzania: A causality analysis

A phenomenological study on experiences of cancer stigma amongst selected people living with cancer in rural and urban Zimbabwe

Strengthening the role of communication departments: A framework for positioning communication departments at the top of and throughout organizations

Direct democracy, political support and populism–attitudinal patterns in the German Bundesländer

Stop or Go? Playing Violent Games Reduces Inhibitory Control in Adolescents

Ordered to volunteer? Institutional compatibility assessment of establishing agricultural cooperatives in Uzbekistan

Development of social values in childhood and early adolescence: a systematic review

Radicalization to Violence: A View from Cultural Psychiatry.

Educating scientists and engineers for technology entrepreneurship in the emerging digital era

Living with Barren Truths: A Tale of Triumphalism and Tribulations of a Technology

Macroeconomic evidence on the impact of mandatory IFRS adoption on FDI in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries

Interdisciplinary approaches to researching L2 lexical acquisition, processing, and use: An introduction to the special issue

Cooperatives and Social Capital: A Narrative Literature Review and Directions for Future Research

Does IPSAS adoption reduce corruption’s level? New evidence from ODA beneficiary countries

Proposing a performance framework for innovation measurement: an exploratory case-based research

“Enabling circular business models in the fashion industry: the role of digital innovation”

Cross-Border Capacity-Building for Port Ecosystems in Small and Medium-Sized Baltic Ports

Lessening procurement deviations using procurement post reviews: evidence from Ghana

Common executive function predicts reappraisal ability but not frequency.

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Public Healthcare and the Limits to a Canadian-Style Inclusive Trade Agenda

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