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Emission Behavior sentence examples within Dependent Emission Behavior

Tripeptide and phenylboronic acid-functionalized eco-friendly carbon dots for dual sensing of dopamine and their bioimaging applications in SH-SY5Y cells

Facile and Green synthesis of fluorescent N-doped carbon dots from betel leaves for sensitive detection of Picric acid and Iron ion

Emission Behavior sentence examples within Induced Emission Behavior

Aggregation-induced fluorescent response of urea-bearing polyphenyleneethynylenes toward anion sensing

Bimetal Cooperatively Catalyzed Arylalkynylation of Alkynylsilanes.

Emission Behavior sentence examples within Fluorescence Emission Behavior

Carbon quantum dots: Synthesis and correlation of luminescence behavior with microstructure

Synthesis of carbon dots with high photocatalytic reactivity by tailoring heteroatom doping.

Emission Behavior sentence examples within Different Emission Behavior

2,3-Diarylbenzo[b]arsole: structural modification and polymerization for tuning of photophysical properties.

4-OH coumarin based rotary switches: Tautomeric state and effect of the stator

Emission Behavior sentence examples within Unique Emission Behavior

Tuning the excited-state intramolecular proton transfer (ESIPT)-based luminescence of metal-organic frameworks by metal nodes toward versatile photoluminescent applications.

Recent Advances of Near-Infrared (NIR) Emissive Metal Complexes Bridged by Ligands with N- and/or O-Donor Sites

Emission Behavior sentence examples within Dual Emission Behavior

Rational manipulation of lattice strain to tailor the electronic and optical properties of nanostructures

Arylisoquinoline-derived organoboron dyes with a triaryl skeleton show dual fluorescence

Emission Behavior sentence examples within Carbon Emission Behavior

Carbon Momentum

Research on the Carbon Performance Evaluation in the New Era—Based on the Full Life-Cycle Perspective

Emission Behavior sentence examples within Pollution Emission Behavior

Does Breaking Market Segmentation Promote Chinese Enterprises to Reduce Pollution Emissions

Simulation of the pollution abatement behavior of regional metal-related enterprises based on the interactive perspective of industrial agglomerations and emission reduction effects

Emission Behavior sentence examples within Thermionic Emission Behavior

Enhanced thermionic emission of mayenite electride composites in an Ar glow discharge plasma

Precise measurements of thermionic emission behaviors for hot gas-phase C60 and C70 molecules

Emission Behavior sentence examples within Optical Emission Behavior

Facile synthesis of graphene quantum dots and their optical characterization

Performance of ZnSO4 doped CeO2 nanoparticles and their antibacterial mechanism

Seeking brightness from nature: Sustainable AIE macromolecule with clustering-triggered emission of xanthan gum and its multiple applications.

Combustion, performance and emissions of Acacia concinna biodiesel blends in a diesel engine with variable specific heat ratio

Linker Engineering toward Full-Color Emission of UiO-68 Type Metal-Organic Frameworks.

Adjusting crystal morphology and emission behavior of organic fluorophore via the synergistic effect of proton and anion

A spectroscopic experimental and semi-empirical study of [Eu(salen)2] as a red-emitter for phosphor-converted UV LED

The size-mobility relationship of ions, aerosols, and other charged particle matter.

Converting the molecular luminescence to ultralong room-temperature phosphorescence via excited states modulation on sulfone-containing heteroaromatics

Research on the Evolution of Collusion between Government and Civil Construction Enterprises in Environmental Regulation

Application of Elman and Cascade neural network (ENN and CNN) in comparison with adaptive neuro fuzzy inference system (ANFIS) to predict key fuel properties of ABE-diesel blends

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Two steps enhancement of dual mode (UC and DS) behaviour of Ho3+/Yb3+ and Tm3+/Yb3+ co-doped GdVO4 phosphors: Improvement in spectral and color purity

Inversing supramolecular chirality and boosting circularly polarized luminescence of pyrene moieties via a gel matrix.

The policy effect of green finance in promoting industrial transformation and upgrading efficiency in China: analysis from the perspective of government regulation and public environmental demands

Dual-layered up-conversion films with tunable multi-peaks spectrum for efficient photocatalytic degradation

Measurement of the key parameters of VOC emissions from wooden furniture, and the impact of temperature

Rational design of coumarin fluorophore with solvatochromism, AIE and mechanofluorochromic enhancement properties

A2B- and A3-Type Boron(III)Subchlorins Derived from meso-Diethoxycarbonyltripyrrane: Synthesis and Photophysical Exploration.

Biomass-derived 2,5-dimethylfuran as a promising alternative fuel: An application review on the compression and spark ignition engine

Poly(acrylates) showing critical fluorescence change in response to heat

Engine Emissions Analysis of Emulsified Fuel of Different Blend Ratios

Introducing Tb4+ in (Ce0.09/Eu0.96)Tb0.92Mo1.1O6.93 Metal Oxide at Room Temperature and Its Use in Amyloid Defibrillation.

Experimental and theoretical investigations of organic creatininium 2-chloroacetate nonlinear optical single crystal

Aggregation-Induced Emission: a challenge for computational chemistry. The example of TPA-BMO.

Lighted up by hydrogen-bonding: luminescence behavior and applications of AIEgen-doped interpenetrating network hydrogel

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