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Impact of ownership structure and dividend on firm performance and firm risk


Emerging Market Multinationals and Their Cross-Border Acquisitions: Global and Regional Challenges

Corporate Entrepreneurship of Emerging Market Firms: current research and future directions

Distance and the Completion of Chinese Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisitions

Exploring the complementarity between product exports and foreign technology imports for innovation in emerging economic firms

Mean reversion in corporate leverage: evidence from India

The effects of corporate governance mechanisms on the financial leverage–profitability relation

Execution costs, investability, and actual foreign investment in emerging markets

Institutional investors and international investments in emerging economy firms: A behavioral risk perspective

Political Status and Tax Haven Investment of Emerging Market Firms: Evidence from China

Supplier strategy in global value chains: shaping governance and profiting from upgrading

Wealth effects on cross-border acquisition firms from emerging economies

Innovating with Limited Resources: The Antecedents and Consequences of Frugal Innovation

CEO Narcissism and Internationalization by Indian Firms

Dynamics of firm-level upgrading and the role of learning in networks in emerging markets

Post-M&A technological capability-building of emerging market firms in China: the case of Lenovo

Country of origin from a management perspective of emerging market companies


The double helix effect: Catch-up and local-foreign co-evolution in the Indian and Chinese automotive industries

Top management team regional diversity and internationalization

Diaspora Ownership and Technological Licensing by Emerging Market Firms

Internal Fission Strategies in Corporate Entrepreneurship: A Case Study in China

Resistance toward dominant US work practices in emerging markets

Corporate Social Performance and Firm Performance: Comparative Study among Developed and Emerging Market Firms

A Global Examination of Cognitive Trust in Business-to-Business Relationships

Integration modes, global networks, and knowledge diffusion in overseas M&As by emerging market firms

How does home government influence the internationalization of emerging market firms? The mediating role of strategic intents to internationalize

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Emerging Market Firms 신흥 시장 기업

Emerging Market Firms 신흥 시장 기업
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