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Embryo implantation in the laboratory: an update on current techniques.

In vitro response of Indica rice microspores subjected to cold stress: a cytological and histological perspective

Induction of peri-implantation stage synthetic embryos using reprogramming paradigms in ESCs

O-096 The ethics of stem cell-based embryo-like structures: a focus group study on the attitudes of Dutch professionals and lay citizens

Oat (Avena sativa L.) Anther Culture.

Blastocyst-like structures generated from human pluripotent stem cells.

Human embryonic development: from peri-implantation to gastrulation.

Somite development and regionalisation of the vertebral axial skeleton.

Production of haploids and doubled haploids from unfertilized ovule culture of various wild species of gentians (Gentiana spp.)

Embryo development in Carica papaya Linn

Overexpression of Douglas-Fir LEAFY COTYLEDON1 (PmLEC1) in Arabidopsis Induces Embryonic Programs and Embryo-like Structures in the lec1-1 Mutant but Not in Wild Type Plants

Machine learning-assisted high-content analysis of pluripotent stem cell-derived embryos in vitro

Bioengineering in vitro models of embryonic development

P–195 The influence of hormones and initial cell number on the size of self-assembled embryo-like structures

The Effect of Zinc, Copper, and Silver Ions on Oat (Avena sativa L.) Androgenesis

The ethics of human-embryoids model: a call for consistency

A Novel and Efficient In Vitro Organogenesis Approach for Ajuga lupulina Maxim

Studies on the Effect of Starvation on Prolonged Callus Cultures and Alterations in SERK Gene Expression during Somatic Embryogenesis in Momordica charantia Linn.

Proteins, Small Peptides and Other Signaling Molecules Identified as Inconspicuous but Possibly Important Players in Microspores Reprogramming Toward Embryogenesis

TALE protein mediated overexpression of embryogenesis related marker genes in wheat microspores

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Embryo Like Structures 배아 유사 구조

Embryo Like Structures 배아 유사 구조
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