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When Silence Said Everything

Settler colonial praxis and gender in contemporary times

A Cognitive Corpus-based Study of Spatial and Temporal Metaphors in Chinese

Techniques for Egyptian Eyes: Diplomacy and the Transmission of Cosmetic Practices between Egypt and Kerma

Antropocæn økopoesi og komplekse skalaforhold

Other knowings and experiencing otherness: Children’s perspectives of playing a hunting game in a nature reserve

Textile Game Controllers: Exploring Affordances of E-Textile Techniques as Applied to Alternative Game Controllers

Visiting, attending and receiving: Making kin with local woods

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Critical Autism Studies, Race, Gender, and Education

Elsewhere Home: Hospitality, Affect, and Language in Ying Chen’s Lettres Chinoises and Kim Thúy’s Vi

Leveling Health Hierarchies: Finding My Way as A Chronically Ill Academic.

“[The] immediate heft of bodily and civic catastrophe”: the body (politic) in crisis in Mike McCormack’s Solar Bones

Making life stories visible: an ethnographic study of body mapping in the context of HIV and AIDS in South Africa.

Thinking Indigeneity: A Challenge to Medieval Studies

Dispossessed, without place and face. The plight of elders

Treating risk, risking treatment: experiences of iatrogenesis in the HIV/AIDS and opioid epidemics

Multilevel grounded semantics across cognitive modalities: Music, vision, poetry

A Pattern Language for Social Field Shifts

Therapeutic creativity and the lived experience of grief in the collaborative fiction film Lost Property

The Radically Embodied Conscious Cybernetic Bayesian Brain: From Free Energy to Free Will and Back Again

Advancing the funds of identity theory: a critical and unfinished dialogue

Frontier atmosphere: observation and regret at Chinese weather stations in Tibet, 1939–1949

Building semantic memory from embodied and distributional language experience.

Aamir Khan and celebrity humanitarianism in Asia: towards a cosmopolitical persona

Intree: embodied experience in a flat screen world

Prefatory Note: How Music Theorists Model Time

“A Woman Should Still Be a Woman” – A Grounded Theory of the Origins of Sexual Pain and Difficulties with Intercourse

Intimate Distances: an artwork made on opposite sides of the world

Participatory Feeling: Re-Visioning Transformative Learning Theory Through Heron’s Whole Person Perspective

Extending the dimensions of personal exposure assessment: A methodological discussion on perceived and measured noise and air pollution in traffic

Editor’s introduction: Qualitative research in the course of a pandemic

Reassembled, Slightly Askew: Immersive Storytelling Through Sound

Seeing through water: gender, anxiety and livelihoods in large-scale infrastructural development in the era of climate change.

Young Gazan Refugees, Sport and Social Media: Understanding Migration as a Process of Becoming

‘Yr Beast’: Gender Parrhesia and Punk Trans Womanhoods

Risky subjects: Embodiment and partial knowledges in the safe use of pesticide

Sustainable practice: The future mode of temporality in fashion

Reconceptualising student experiences: exploring embodiment and identity through differential HE space

Naked villainy: Encounters with an archetype of disfigurement

Nanoart and the Moving Image: Shifts in Perception from Optical Microscopy to Nanoscopy

Listening for What Is Not Being Said: Using Discourse Analytic Approaches in Mental Health Research

Navigating severe chronic cancer-related fatigue: an interpretative phenomenological analysis.

A Rationale for Teacher Change from a Bodyfulness Paradigm: An Experience in Higher Education

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Gender and Technologies of Embodiment

Making touch visible with the suture of fantasy with virtual aesthetician in “The Best Facial Clinic” – The glitchy-score of tele-synaesthesia performance in the age of global pandemic

Low-Contact Co-Design: Considering more flexible spatiotemporal models for the co-design workshop

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Embodied Experience 구체화된 경험

Embodied Experience 구체화된 경험
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