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Gold-Bearing Brown Coal Deposits of the Zeya–Bureya Sedimentary Basin (East Russia): Fundamental Model of Formation

Improved Titanium Transfer in Submerged Arc Welding of Carbon Steel through Aluminum Addition

Reducing odor emissions from feces aerobic composting: additives

Crystal-chemical and biological controls of trace and minor element incorporation into magnetite nanocrystals

The effect of flux chemistry on element transfer in Submerged Arc Welding: application of thermochemical modelling

Metal accumulation in sclerotium grains collected from low pH forest soils

Fluid circulations associated with the necking of the crust: the example of the Mont-Blanc detachment fault

Thermodynamic Evaluation of Element Transfer Behaviors for Fused CaO-SiO2-MnO Fluxes Subjected to High Heat Input Submerged Arc Welding

Pollution and Probabilistic Human Health Risk Assessment of Potentially Toxic Elements in the Soil-water-plant System in the Bolkar Mining District, Niğde, South-central Turkey

Pollution and probabilistic human health risk assessment of potentially toxic elements in the soil-water-plant system in the Bolkar mining district, Niğde, south-central Turkey

Biofortification of hens’ eggs with microelements by innovative bio‐based dietary supplement

WEDM Performance of Ti-6Al-4V: Emphasis on Multi-Cut Strategy, Effects of Electrode Wire

Record of Early-Stage Rodingitization from the Purang Ophiolite Complex, Western Tibet

Element and Sr–O isotope redistribution across a plate boundary-scale crustal serpentinite mélange shear zone, and implications for the slab-mantle interface

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Element Transfer 요소 이전

Element Transfer 요소 이전
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