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Electromagnetic Forming sentence examples within high speed forming

Deformation Behavior and Properties of 7075 Aluminum Alloy under Electromagnetic Hot Forming

Experiment details and numerical study of copper under electromagnetic forming process

Electromagnetic Forming sentence examples within electromagnetic forming proces

Finite element analysis on electromagnetic forming of DP780 high-strength steel sheets

Electromagnetic forming of aluminum alloy sheet metal utilizing a low-frequency discharge: A new method for attractive forming

Electromagnetic Forming sentence examples within electromagnetic forming system

Strip Size Optimization for Spiral Type Actuator Coil Used in Electromagnetic Flat Sheet Forming Experiment

Effect of coil design parameters on performance of electromagnetic forming process

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Electromagnetic attractive forming of aluminum alloy sheets utilizing a low-frequency half-wave current

Large ellipsoid parts manufacture using electromagnetic incremental forming with variable blankholder structure

Electromagnetic attraction bulging of small aluminum alloy tube based on a field shaper

A triple-coil electromagnetic two-step forming method for tube fitting

Analysis of Proximity Consequences of Coil Windings in Electromagnetic Forming

Coil-less electromagnetic forming process with uniform-pressure characteristics for shaping sheet metals

Numerical and experimental verification of an iterative coupling method for analyzing the Lorentz-force-driven sheet metal stamping process

Study on the Efficiency of Simultaneous Tube Compression and Expansion Electromagnetic Forming

Forming the inner flange of a rib by pulsed-magnetic field pressure

Optimization of the coupled cooling circuit in electromagnetic forming with finite element analysis

Loose Coupled Simulation Method for FEA of Electromagnetic Forming of Muffler

Effect of the aging process on the micro-structure & properties of 7075 aluminum alloy using electromagnetic bulging

Effect of layer lay-up on formability of Al–Cu two-layer sheet in electromagnetic forming

Electromagnetic partitioning forming and springback control in the fabrication of curved parts

Examples of How Increased Formability through High Strain Rates Can Be Used in Electro-Hydraulic Forming and Electromagnetic Forming Industrial Applications

Forming the straight flange of a rib by pulsed-magnetic field pressure

Numerical and Experimental Investigation of the Impact of the Electromagnetic Properties of the Die Materials in Electromagnetic Forming of Thin Sheet Metal

Electromagnetic-assisted calibration for surface part of aluminum alloy with a dedicated uniform pressure coil

Robust electromagnet design for pulse forming application

Eddy current induced dynamic deformation behaviors of aluminum alloy during EMF: Modeling and quantitative characterization

Research of Different Processes for Forming Fiber Metal Laminates

Sheet metal electromagnetic forming using a flat spiral coil: Experiments, modeling, and validation

Design and Experiments of Electromagnetic Heating Forming Technology

Electromagnetic Forming of Design Elements

Analysis of the effect of an electrically conductive die on electromagnetic sheet metal forming process using the finite element-circuit coupled method

Investigation of springback during electromagnetic-assisted bending of aluminium alloy sheet

Insight into analytical modeling of electromagnetic forming

Experimental and numerical study on the influence of process parameters in electromagnetic compression of AA6061 tube

The effect of coil polarity on electromagnetic forming using a multi-coil system

Analytical optimization on geometry of uniform pressure coil in electromagnetic forming and welding

Electromagnetic Sheet Forming by Uniform Pressure Using Flat Spiral Coil

A Comparative Study on Formability of a Different Thickness FSWed AA 5052 Blank by Conventional and EM Forming

Improved workability using preheating in the electromagnetic forming process

A study of electromagnetic free forming in AA5052 using digital image correlation method and FE analysis

Flexible tooling for impulse forming

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Electromagnetic Forming 전자기 성형

Electromagnetic Forming 전자기 성형
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