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Electrochromic Behavior sentence examples within 44′ bipyridinium dibromide

Substituent-Adjusted Electrochromic Behavior of Symmetric Viologens

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All-in-one multicolor electrochromic devices on the basis of benzene-centered 1,3,5-tris(4-pyridylium) bromides

Facile Fabrication of Triphenylamine-Based Redox-Active Nanocomposites by a Sol-Gel Method: Enhanced Electrochromic Response Capability and Stability Performance.

Electroactive Triphenylamine-Based Polymer Films as Passivation Layers for Improving Electrochemical Oxidation Stability of Silver Nanowires

Synthesis and optoelectronic and charge storage characterizations of conducting polymers based on tetraphenylethylene and thienothiophenes

Nontrivial, Unconventional Electrochromic Behaviors of Plasmonic Nanocubes.

Poly(3-methylthiophene)/Tungsten oxide hybrid materials for highly efficient electrochromic devices

Electropolymerization, spectroelectrochemistry and electrochromic properties of cross-conjugated and conjugated selenophenothiophenes with thiophene bridge

Facile electrochemical/colorimetric platform based on electrochromic tungsten oxide film for sensitive/visual adenosine triphosphate detection

Electrochromic behavior of films and «smart windows» prototypes based on π-conjugated and non–conjugated poly(pyridinium triflate)s

An intelligent and portable power storage device able to visualize the energy status

Colorless-to-colorful switching electrochromic polyimides with very high contrast ratio

High contrast hybrid electrochromic film based on cross-linked phosphonated triarylamine on mesoporous antimony doped tin oxide

Electrochromic Properties of NiO Thin Coatings

Electrochemical and optical characterization of a multielectrochromic copolymer based on 3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene and functionalized dithienylpyrrole derivative

An electrochromic behavior of novel polythiophenes obtained from unsymmetrical monomers- a comprehensive study

Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Triarylamine Derivatives with Dimethylamino Substituents for Application in Optoelectronic Devices.

New One Step Self-assembly Strategy of Large-Area Highly Ordered, Crack-Free 2D Inverse Opal Films of Transition Metal Oxides and Its Application to Fabrication of Bilayer Inverse Opal Films

Conjugation-broken thiophene-based electropolymerized polymers with well-defined structures: effect of conjugation lengths on electrochromic properties.

Synthesis and electrochromic properties of benzonitriles with various chemical structures

Effects of counter ions on electrochromic behaviors of asymmetrically substituted viologens

MXene-conducting polymer electrochromic microsupercapacitors

Viologen-based electrochromic materials and devices

Fabrication and characterization of flexible electrochromic membrane based on polyaniline/reduced graphene oxide

Iron Phthalocyanine Incorporated Metallo-Supramolecular Polymer for Superior Electrochromic Performance with High Coloration Efficiency and Switching Stability

Dual-electrochromic polymer bearing oligoaniline and viologen pendants: Synthesis and properties

Efficiency enhancement of electrochromic performance in NiO thin film via Cu doping for energy-saving potential

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Electrochromic Behavior 일렉트로크로믹 거동

Electrochromic Behavior 일렉트로크로믹 거동
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