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Electrochemical Systems sentence examples within extracellular electron transfer

Recent advancements in azo dye decolorization in bio-electrochemical systems (BESs): Insights into decolorization mechanism and practical application.

Promoting Extracellular Electron Transfer of Shewanella oneidensis MR-1 by Optimizing the Periplasmic Cytochrome c Network

Electrochemical Systems sentence examples within Microbial Electrochemical Systems

Microbial Electrochemical Systems: Principles, Construction and Biosensing Applications

The anaerobic and starving treatment eliminates filamentous bulking and recovers biocathode biocatalytic activity with residual organic loading in microbial electrochemical system

Electrochemical Systems sentence examples within Different Electrochemical Systems

Bragg Coherent Diffraction Imaging for In Situ Studies in Electrocatalysis

Generalized Peukert Equations Use for Finding the Remaining Capacity of Lithium-Ion Cells of Any Format

Electrochemical Systems sentence examples within Variou Electrochemical Systems

Revealing the mechanism of solid-state electrochemical conversion reactions in strong alkaline solutions

Defect-Driven Oxide Transformations and the Electrochemical Interphase.

Electrochemical Systems sentence examples within Aqueou Electrochemical Systems

Toward the understanding of water-in-salt electrolytes: Individual ion activities and liquid junction potentials in highly concentrated aqueous solutions.

Stability of native point defects in α-Al2O3 under aqueous electrochemical conditions

Electrochemical Systems sentence examples within Study Electrochemical Systems

The deep-DRT: A deep neural network approach to deconvolve the distribution of relaxation times from multidimensional electrochemical impedance spectroscopy data

Impedance Spectroscopy for Emerging Photovoltaics

Electrochemical Systems sentence examples within Developed Electrochemical Systems

Directing transition metal-based oxygen-functionalization catalysis

Bioelectrochemical Systems as Technologies for Studying Drug Interactions Related to Cytochrome P450

Electrochemical Systems sentence examples within Multisensory Electrochemical Systems

Analysis of Tear Fluid for Evaluation on the Concentration of the Generic Anti-Glaucoma Drug Betoptik using Multisensory Stripping Voltammetry and Multivariate Statistics

Express Screening of Tear Fluid for Evaluation of the Concentration of Lanomax Using Multisensory Stripping Voltammetry and Multivariate Statistics

Electrochemical Systems sentence examples within Unique Electrochemical Systems

Development of Novel Organic Electrosynthetic Processes Using Electrochemical Flow Microreactor

Electrosynthesis in Laminar Flow Using a Flow Microreactor

In-Materio Reservoir Computing in a Sulfonated Polyaniline Network.

Comparative Study on Electrochemical Treatment of Cyanide Wastewater

Tailored Biosensors for Drug Screening, Efficacy Assessment, and Toxicity Evaluation.

Advanced ammonia nitrogen removal and recovery technology using electrokinetic and stripping process towards a sustainable nitrogen cycle: A review

Microbial activity enhancement in constructed wetlands operated as bioelectrochemical systems.

Examination of (α,n) Signatures as a Means of Plutonium Quantification in Electrochemical Reprocessing

Application of bioelectrochemical systems to regulate and accelerate the anaerobic digestion processes.

The Catholyte Effects on The Microbial Desalination Cell Performance of Desalination and Power Generation

Controlling the Carbon-Bio Interface via Glycan Functional Adlayers for Applications in Microbial Fuel Cell Bioanodes

Interfacial processes in electrochemical energy systems.

A critical evaluation of the pH split and associated effects in bioelectrochemical processes

Bioelectrochemical systems (BESs) towards conversion of carbon monoxide/syngas: A mini-review

Identification of a Diguanylate Cyclase That Facilitates Biofilm Formation on Electrodes by Shewanella oneidensis MR-1

Nutrient removal and recovery in bioelectrochemical systems

Enhanced simultaneous removal of nitrate and perchlorate from groundwater by bioelectrochemical systems (BESs) with cathodic potential regulation

Determination of Thermal Runaway in Sealed Nickel-Cadmium Batteries

Long-Term Succession Shows Interspecies Competition of Geobacter in Exoelectrogenic Biofilms.

Characterization of hot-pressed von Alpen type NASICON ceramic electrolytes

Anaerobic digestion beyond biogas.

Sustainable, Decentralized Sanitation and Reuse with Hybrid Nature-Based Systems

Advancements in spontaneous microbial desalination technology for sustainable water purification and simultaneous power generation: A review.

Enhanced dechlorination of 1,2-dichloropropane to propene in a bioelectrochemical system mediated by Dehalogenimonas.

Understanding the ensemble electrochemistry of random-walk nanoparticles: Improved reaction efficiency and mechanistic insights

Redox potential-induced regulation of extracellular polymeric substances in an electroactive mixed community biofilm.

Improving the discharge of capacitive granules in a moving bed reactor

Oxygen-reducing bidirectional microbial electrodes designed in real domestic wastewater.

Towards enhancement of gas–liquid mass transfer in bioelectrochemical systems: Validation of a robust CFD model

Constructed wetlands operated as bioelectrochemical systems for the removal of organic micropollutants.

Enhanced bisphenol S anaerobic degradation using an NZVI-HA-modified anode in bioelectrochemical systems.

Engineered algal biochar for contaminant remediation and electrochemical applications

A critical review of fundamentals and applications of electrochemical development and imaging of latent fingerprints

Catalyst Design and Progresses for Urea Oxidation Electrolysis in Alkaline Media

Capturing the signal of weak electricigens: a worthy endeavour.

Effects of the Feeding Solution Composition on a Reductive/Oxidative Sequential Bioelectrochemical Process for Perchloroethylene Removal

Shewanella oneidensis MR-1 as a bacterial platform for electro-biotechnology

Bench-scale Electrochemical Treatment of Co-contaminated Clayey Soil

First time β-farnesene production by the versatile bacterium Cupriavidus necator

Diffusion and filamentous bacteria jointly govern the spatiotemporal process of sulfide removal in sediment microbial fuel cells

Genetic analysis of electroactive biofilms.

Expedited Biodegradation of Organic Pollutants and Refractory Compounds Using Bio-Electrochemical Systems

Rational design of Lithium-Sulfur battery cathodes based on differential Atom Electronegativity

2D High-Entropy Transition Metal Dichalcogenides for Carbon Dioxide Electrocatalysis.

A review of recent advances in electrode materials for emerging bioelectrochemical systems: From biofilm-bearing anodes to specialized cathodes.

7Li intermolecular multiple-quantum coherences in liquids.

Nanoconfinement and mass transport in metal-organic frameworks.

Biogas Upgrading and Ammonia Recovery from Livestock Manure Digestates in a Combined Electromethanogenic Biocathode—Hydrophobic Membrane System

Formation and functionalization of Ge-nanoparticles in ZnO

Circular economy-driven ammonium recovery from municipal wastewater: State of the art, challenges and solutions forward.

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