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Co2P nanoparticle/multi-doped porous carbon nanosheets for the oxygen evolution reaction

Surface controlled synthesis of Cu2FeSnS4 particles for enhanced hydrogen evolution reaction

Carbon cloth-supported nanorod-like conductive Ni/Co bimetal MOF: A stable and high-performance enzyme-free electrochemical sensor for determination of glucose in serum and beverage.

Layered graphitic carbon nitride: nano-heterostructures, photo/electro-chemical performance and trends

Preparation of CeO2-doped carbon nanotubes cathode and its mechanism for advanced treatment of pig farm wastewater.

A Selective Electrochemical Sensor based on TiO2/reduced graphene for Efficient Determination of Methanol

Activating Lattice Oxygen in Perovskite Oxide by B-Site Cation Doping for Modulated Stability and Activity at Elevated Temperatures.

Semi-conducting Ni/Zn nano-hybrids’ driven efficient electro-catalytic performance: fabrication, characterization, and electrochemical features’ elucidation

Transition metals decorated g-C3N4/N-doped carbon nanotube catalysts for water splitting: A review

Amine mediated synthesis of nickel oxide nanoparticles and their superior electrochemical sensing performance for glucose detection

Electrochemical water electrolysis using electrodeposited (NiMo) coatings from a low concentration bath

Electrocatalytic Effect of Al2O3 Supported on Clay in Oxidizing of Ibuprofen at Graphite Electrode

Ni clusters-derived 2D/2D layered WOx(MoS2)/Ni-g-C3N4 step-scheme heterojunctions with enhanced photo- and electro-catalytic performance

Facile synthesis of highly active Ti/Sb-SnO2 electrode by sol-gel spinning technique for landfill leachate treatment.

One pot synthesis of [email protected] core-shell nanoparticles for electro catalytic oxidation of ethylene glycol for alkaline direct fuel cell

Bifunctional electro-catalytic performances of [email protected] nanocomposites for oxygen evolution and oxygen reduction reactions

The Synthesis of Protein-Encapsulated Ceria Nanorods for Visible-Light Driven Hydrogen Production and Carbon Dioxide Reduction.

Sensitive electrochemical detection of 4-nitrophenol through Copper doped CeO2 nanoparticles

Electro-detection of the antibacterial Metronidazole using zinc oxide nanoparticles formed on graphitic carbon sheets. Analytical application: Human serum and Urine

Single-Nanoparticle Coulometry Method with High Sensitivity and High Throughput to Study the Electrochemical Activity and Oscillation of Single Nanocatalysts.

[email protected]@Ptxbi Nano-Dendrites Endows Alkaline Methanol Highly Electro-Catalytic Activity and Stability

Biomolecule-Assisted Synthesis and Electro-Catalytic Hydrogen Evolution of Flowerlike Nickel Sulfide Nanostructures.

Alkaline water electrolysis facilitated via non-precious monometallic catalysts combined with highly KOH doped polybenzimidazole membrane

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