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Efficient Second sentence examples within density functional theory

Giant Optical Activity in 2D Hybrid Copper Halides: Novel Material for Second Harmonic Generation.

Giant Optical Activity in 2D Hybrid Copper Halides: Novel Material for Second Harmonic Generation

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Giant Optical Activity in 2D Hybrid Copper Halides: Novel Material for Second Harmonic Generation.

Second harmonic generation from GaP metasurfaces using quasi-bound-states-in-the-continuum

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Efficient quasi-phase-matched frequency conversion in a lithium niobate racetrack microresonator

Robust, efficient, and broadband SHG of ultrashort pulses in composite crystals.

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Inverse Thermal Identification of a Thermally Instrumented Induction Machine Using a Lumped-Parameter Thermal Model

Joint design of cooperative protocols and distributed beamforming for multi-hop cognitive radio networks

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Fair Value Accounting and Financial Contagion: An Analysis of Marking Up

Binding energies of the drugs capreomycin and streptomycin in complex with tuberculosis bacterial ribosome subunits.

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Enhanced second-harmonic generation by single metal–insulator multilayered nanocavities with axial symmetry resonating in the near-infrared

Generation of High Power Two-Color 10 μm and 5 μm Picosecond Pulses in Nonlinear Crystals

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Generation of High Power Two-Color 10 μm and 5 μm Picosecond Pulses in Nonlinear Crystals

Integrated nonlinear photonics in AlGaAs-on-insulator waveguides

Efficient Second sentence examples within efficient second order

Charge-Swapping Q-balls and Their Lifetimes

A two-stage two-layer optimization approach for economic operation of a microgrid under a planned outage

Efficient Second sentence examples within efficient second line

[Clinical analysis of 60 children with anaplastic large cell lymphoma in a single center].

CML-213: Effect of Different Types of Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors on Response of Chronic Myeloid Leukemia’s Patient in Single Institution in Upper Egypt

Blockchain-Based Data Collection With Efficient Anomaly Detection for Estimating Battery State-of-Health

Credit Funds Regulation in the EU and the Debate on NPLs and AMCs

An efficient three-Level parallel ABC algorithm for secondary structure prediction of complex RNA sequences

Optimal Design of Secondary Fume Extraction Systems in Ferroalloys Production: from Principles to Operation

The Role of Consent in European Cross-Border Insolvency Proceedings: The Unilateral Undertaking under Article 36 EIRR

Cardiac rehabilitation and its essential role in the secondary prevention of cardiovascular diseases

Deformation Resistance Performance of Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Plastic Machined by Controlling Drilling Area Temperature below the Glass Transition Temperature

The Need To Promote Elitism In Education

Cardiac rehabilitation barriers in the Czech Republic: Determination of key barriers in East-Central Europe

How much for a haircut? Illiquidity, secondary markets, and the value of private equity

Fault Diagnosis Method of AC Transmission Controller Based on PLC Technology


Terahertz Light Sources by Electronic-Oscillator-Driven Second Harmonic Generation in Extreme-Confinement Cavities

An improved spatially controlled reaction–diffusion equation with a non-linear second order operator for image super-resolution

A Laboratory Approach to Measure Carbonate Rocks’ Adsorption Density by Surfactant and Polymer

Pathogen removal in high-rate algae pond: state of the art and opportunities

Endometrial Carcinoma: Immune Microenvironment and Emerging Treatments in Immuno-Oncology

Quasi-phase matching for a nonlinear photonic waveguide enabled by monolayer transition-metal dichalcogenide arrays

On computing the analytic-signal backbone of the unforced harmonic oscillator

Bending behavior of cement-based multi-layered roof elements

Learning Robust Features for Planar Object Tracking

Predictors and burden of hospital readmission with recurrent Clostridioides difficile infection: a French nation-wide inception cohort study

Auction-Based Secondary Relay Selection on Overlay Spectrum Sharing in Hybrid Satellite–Terrestrial Sensor Networks

Autologous Fat Transplantation to Improve Lip Contour in Secondary Cleft Lip Deformity.

Anisotropy-driven thermal conductivity switching and thermal hysteresis in a ferroelectric

Realization of Second-Order Structure of Recursive Algorithm for Discrete Cosine Transform

Second-harmonic generation by a chirped laser pulse with the exponential density ramp profile in the presence of a planar magnetostatic wiggler

Advanced Green Technologies Toward Future Sustainable Energy Systems

Outcome of a “modified brief intervention” program delivered at work place for a population with hazardous alcohol use

Non-conventional fotemustine schedule as second-line treatment in recurrent malignant gliomas: Survival across disease and treatment subgroup analysis and review of the literature

Monsters, Laws of Nature, and Teleology in Late Scholastic Textbooks

Genetic Correlations Between Photosynthetic and Yield Performance in Maize Are Different Under Two Heat Scenarios During Flowering

On the bicomponent contaminant transport in wetland flow with reactions

Motion of a Spherical Particle Attached to the Interface Between Two Viscous Fluids

Conservative Third-Order Central-Upwind Schemes for Option Pricing Problems

Combination versus mono-therapy as salvage treatment for advanced biliary tract cancer: A comprehensive meta-analysis of published data.

Janus Kinase Inhibition for Graft-Versus-Host Disease: Current Status and Future Prospects

Synthesis, characterization, kinetic drug release and anticancer activity of bisphosphonates multi-walled carbon nanotube conjugates.

Numerical simulation of bedload sediment transport with the ability to model wet/dry interfaces using an augmented Riemann solver

Defect Detection for Patterned Fabric Images Based on GHOG and Low-Rank Decomposition

A unified approach to homography-based image registration : Uma abordagem unificada para registro de imagens baseado em homografia

Augmenting rooftop solar energy penetration ratio with secondary distribution network using smart inverter for maximum power transfer capacity for subordinate grid- A review

Higher levels of B‐cell mutation in the early germinal centres of an inefficient secondary antibody response to a variant influenza haemagglutinin

“The price is right”: using auction theory to enhance competition in the NPL market

Memory CD8+ T Cell Protection From Viral Reinfection Depends on Interleukin-33 Alarmin Signals

Design of a hybrid chalcogenide-glass on lithium-niobate waveguide structure for high-performance cascaded third- and second-order optical nonlinearities.

Successful treatment of systemic lupus erythematosus-related refractory autoimmune hemolytic anemia with ofatumumab

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