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Efficiency Reduction sentence examples within Energy Efficiency Reduction

Reducing the energy efficiency design index for ships through a post-combustion carbon capture process

Dynamic computation offloading algorithm based on particle swarm optimization with a mutation operator in multi-access edge computing

Efficiency Reduction sentence examples within Significant Efficiency Reduction

Design improvement of volumetric pump for engine cooling in the transportation sector

High Output Voltage Gain DC/DC Boost Converter Suitable For Renewable Energy Applications

Efficiency Reduction sentence examples within Pv Efficiency Reduction

Experimental investigation of the anti-soiling performances of different wettability of transparent coatings: Superhydrophilic, hydrophilic, hydrophobic and superhydrophobic coatings

Luminescent Solar Power — Quantum Separation between Free-Energy and Heat for Cost-Effective Base-Load Solar Energy Generation

Efficiency Reduction sentence examples within Thermal Efficiency Reduction

Energy flow behavior and emission reduction of a turbo-charging and EGR non-road diesel engine equipped with DOC and DPF under NRTC (non-road transient cycle)

Performance and Combustion Analysis of a PPCCI Engine with Diesel as a Premixed Fuel to Reduce Soot Emission

Efficiency Reduction sentence examples within Radiation Efficiency Reduction


Electromagnetic Analysis and Performance Comparison of Fully 3D-printed Antennas

Efficiency Reduction sentence examples within Consequent Efficiency Reduction

Interplay of strain and intermixing effects on direct-bandgap optical transition in strained Ge-on-Si under thermal annealing

Impact Wear Resistance of Nanocomposite Coatings for Aircraft Components

Efficiency Reduction sentence examples within Conversion Efficiency Reduction

Recent advances in passive cooling methods for photovoltaic performance enhancement

A revised methodology to analyze the rectenna power conversion efficiency based on antenna/rectifier interface losses

Efficiency Reduction sentence examples within efficiency reduction value

Georeferenced operating-efficiency solar potential maps with local weather conditions – An application to Brazil

HEPAF and IGVM Combination Technology to Control the Industrial Gas Turbine Performance, Excess Air and CO2 Production

Assessment of the Influence of Boundary Layer Ingestion (BLI) on the Axial Fan

The Effects of Damage to the Outer Race Bearing on the Efficiency of the Induction Motor Using Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) Method

Investigation of anti-condensation strategies in the methanol synthesis reactor using computational fluid dynamics

A holistic technological eco-innovation methodology for industrial symbiosis development

Efficient and robust collective excitation transfer in a multimode quantum memory using modulated adiabatic pulses

Mechanism model-based and data-driven approach for the diagnosis of solid oxide fuel cell stack leakage

The Effect of COVID-19 on the Efficiency of Intercity Bus Operation: The Case of Chungnam

Feasibility of solar-assisted CO2 capture power plant with flexible operation: A case study in China

Effect of Temperature Downshifts on Performance and Microbial Community Structure on Pilot-Scale Sequencing Batch Biofilm Reactors Treating Hypersaline Wastewater

Enhanced photoelectrochemical performance of Si/TiO2 with a high atomic density SiO2 buffer layer

Compositional Inhomogeneity in AlGaN Multiple Quantum Wells Grown by Molecular Beam Epitaxy: Effect on Ultraviolet Light-Emitting Diodes

Sustainability and Resilience Revisited: Impact of Information Technology Disruptions on Empirical Retail Logistics Efficiency

Evaluation of Double-Line-Frequency Power Flow in Solid-State Transformers

A review of high ideality factor in gallium nitride-based light-emitting diode

Simple Approach for Evaluation of Abrasive Mixing Efficiency for Abrasive Waterjet Rock Cutting

Direct 3D printing of zero valent iron@polylactic acid catalyst for tetracycline degradation with magnetically inducing active persulfate.

Application of reactive power compensation algorithm for large-scale street lighting

Firefly Algorithm-Based Photovoltaic Array Reconfiguration for Maximum Power Extraction during Mismatch Conditions

Solar Cells Efficiency enhancement using multilevel Selective Energy Contacts (SECs)

A New Computational Fluid Dynamics Model To Optimize Sucker Rod Pump Operation and Design

Impedance-matched dielectric metasurfaces for non-discrete wavefront engineering

Optimal design of shunt active power filter for power quality enhancement using predator-prey based firefly optimization

Phasing and Guidance Properties of Multi-Core Fibers under Heat Load

Line-to-Line Faults Detection for Photovoltaic Arrays Based on I-V Curve Using Pattern Recognition

Shallow water effect of tandem flapping foils on renewable energy production


Achromatic doublet on glass fresnel lenses for concentrator photovoltaic systems

Reasonable Selection of Riparian Buffer Zone for the Reduction of Non-Point Sources Pollution in Coastal Area

FVPM numerical simulation of the effect of particle shape and elasticity on impact erosion

Design and Experiment of Clamper Used in Antarctic Subglacial Bedrock Drilling


Evaluation Model of Interaction Between Container Transport System and Regional Economy

Early biofouling detection using fluorescence-based extracellular enzyme activity.

Adaptive resource management strategies in paper and pulp industry: a discrete-event simulation approach

Determination of the particle load based on detailed suspended sediment measurements at a hydropower plant

Information Flows Improvement in Production Planning Using Lean Concepts and BPMN an Exploratory Study in Industrial Context

Assessment of turbine performance under swirling inflow conditions

Effect of Coating Thickness on a Solid-Liquid Two-Phase Flow Centrifugal Pump under Water Medium

Sound Source Localization and Speech Enhancement Algorithm Based on Fixed Beamforming

A systematic review on hospital inefficiency in the Eastern Mediterranean Region: sources and solutions

Experimental investigation of the hydrogen-rich offgas spark ignition engine under the various compression ratios

Development of Oil-in-Water Microemulsions and Evaluation of Its Presence in the Treatment of Produced Water.

Innovation and Cost Efficiency in the Banking Industry: The Role of Electronic Payments

Effect of Heat Transfer on the Efficiency of Micro Size Turbine and Compressor Used in Turbocharger

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