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The Development of Digital Teaching Materials: An Effort to Create Mathematics Learning Effectively at Universitas Muhammadiyah Sumatera Utara in the New Normal Era

The Effectiveness of Problem-Based Learning on Advanced Reading Comprehension Skill in Online Arabic Language Teaching

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A scoping review of approaches for measuring ‘interdependent’ collaborative performances

Evaluation and analysis of the accreditation of the Chinese medical education (undergraduate)

Peer Mentoring as a Tool for Developing Soft Skills in Clinical Practice: A 3-Year Study

Implementation of Competency Enhancement Program for Science Teachers Assisted by Artificial Intelligence in Designing HOTS-based Integrated Science Learning

Sexual and reproductive health knowledge, perceptions and experiences of women in Saudi Arabia: a qualitative study.

The Application of Virtual Reality in Engineering Education

Active Methodologies for Physics Teaching Through Virtual Learning Environments

A Systematic Review of Entrepreneurship in Pharmacy Practice and Education

Analisis Komparasi Sistem Pendidikan Indonesia dan Finlandia

Elementary Standardized Testing on the Bubble: To Eliminate or Maintain?

Lean thinking for education: development and validation of an instrument

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The role of youth in increasing awareness of food security and sustainability

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Education Current 교육 현재

Education Current 교육 현재
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