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Edm Process sentence examples within material removal rate

Researches on the EDM of magnetized sintered NdFeB permanent magnetic material

A review on magnetic field assisted electrical discharge machining

Edm Process sentence examples within electrical discharge machining

Recent Patents on A Discharge State Detection of EDM

Experimental Investigation and Multi-Objective Optimization of Cryogenically Cooled Near-Dry Wire-Cut EDM Using TOPSIS Technique

Edm Process sentence examples within powder mixed dielectric

Optimizing the powder mixed EDM process of nickel based super alloy

Performance enhancement of microelectrical discharge machining using powder additives mixed dielectrics

Edm Process sentence examples within wire feed rate

A DoE–TOPSIS method-based meta-model for parametric optimization of non-traditional machining processes

WEDM performance and surface integrity of Inconel alloy IN718 with coated and uncoated wires

Edm Process sentence examples within electrode wear rate

Optimization of electrical discharge machining processing for ceramics using grey-taguchi system

Study on productivity and aerosol emissions of magnetic field-assisted EDM process ofSiCp/Alcomposite with high volume fractions

Edm Process sentence examples within Wire Edm Process

Electrical Discharge Machining of Super Alloys: A Review

The analysis of material removal rate of WEDM miniature gears

Edm Process sentence examples within Cut Edm Process

Hardfacing and its effect on wear and corrossion performance of various ferrous welded mild steels

Optimization of process parameters for Surface Roughness and Material Removal Rate of H13 die tool steel for wire EDM using Taguchi Technique

Edm Process sentence examples within Sinking Edm Process

Investigation of Powder Mixed EDM of Nickel-Based Superalloy Using Cobalt, Zinc and Molybdenum Powders

Thermal modelling of EDM process using FEA and parametric study of MRR

Edm Process sentence examples within Micro Edm Process

Optimization of micro EDM parameters for fabrication of micro rod

Numerical analysis and simulation of micro-EDM plasma in de-ionised water

Edm Process sentence examples within Assisted Edm Process

Analysis of Performance Characteristics by Firefly Algorithm-Based Electro Discharge Machining of SS 316

Taguchi Based Process Parameters Optimization in Vibration Assisted Die Sinking Electrical Discharge Machining

Edm Process sentence examples within Conventional Edm Process

A semi-empirical model to predict material removal rate during air-assisted electrical discharge machining

Micro-electrical Discharge Milling Operation

Edm Process sentence examples within Dry Edm Process

Comparative Analysis of Dry-EDM and Conventional EDM in machining of Hastelloy

Comparison of surface characteristics and micro hardness of AISI D2 tool steel and LM13 aluminum alloy machined under dry EDM (green machining) process

Edm Process sentence examples within Mixed Edm Process

Surface Modification of Ti-6Al-4V by Gas-liquid Mixed EDM

Impact of Powder-mixed Electrical Discharge Machining on Surface Hardness of AISI D3 Die Steel

Edm Process sentence examples within Traditional Edm Process

Study on the effective discharge energy mechanism of vertical ultrasonic vibration assisted EDM processing

Optimization of Machining Parameters of Inconel 718 by WEDM Using Response Surface Methodology

Edm Process sentence examples within edm process parameter

Prediction of white layer formation in μ-WEDM process of NiTi shape memory superalloy: FEM with experimental verification

Variation of electrode materials and parameters in the EDM of an AA7075-TiO2 composite

Edm Process sentence examples within edm process condition

A contribution to numerical prediction of surface damage and residual stresses on die-sinking EDM of Ti6Al4V

Advanced Electric Discharge Machining of Stainless Steels: Assessment of the State of the Art, Gaps and Future Prospect

Edm Process sentence examples within edm process may

Comparative study of parametric effects on the performance of simple and powder mixed EDM using aluminium and graphite powder on Inconel X750 alloy

Effect of diluted dielectric medium on spark energy in green EDM process using TGRA approach

A 4-tier rubric for evaluating engineering students’ ethical decision-making (EDM) skills: EDM model as a tool for analysing and assessing ethical reasoning

A new method to efficiently control energy use in Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM)

Experimental investigations of wire lag phenomena on wire electrical discharge machining of M2 tool steel

Fabrication and Characterization of CuO nanowires on V-shaped Microgroove surfaces

Investigation on the effect of the reference supply voltage on the micro-rectangular-columned Ti3SiC2 surface by wire electrical discharge machining

An investigation on dimensional accuracy and surface topography in powder mixed WEDM using RSM and GRA-PCA

Converting softening nanofiltration brine into high-solubility liquid salts (HSLS) via electrodialysis metathesis: Effect of membrane type

Investigation and Optimization of the SLM and WEDM Processes’ Parameters for the AlSi10Mg-Sintered Part

Research on the Fatigue of Small Impulse Turbine Blade Based on the Numerical Simulation and Experimental Tests

Machinability of SUPERNI-800 during PMEDM using the Taguchi method

The role of electrical parameters in adding powder influences the surface properties of SKD61 steel in EDM process

Sustainable Eco-friendly Wire-cut Electrical Discharge Machining: Gas Emission Analysis

Review on Effects of Electrode in Electrical Discharge Machining Process

Wire EDM Parameter Optimization of AlSi10Mg Alloy

Experimental Investigation and Optimization of Electric Discharge Machining Process Parameters Using Grey-Fuzzy-Based Hybrid Techniques

Developing a reclamation strategy for softening nanofiltration brine: A scaling-free conversion approach via continuous two-stage electrodialysis metathesis.

Mathematical and MATLAB based process optimization by simulated annealing algorithm for wire electrical discharge machining of EN31

Multi-object optimization of EDM by Taguchi-DEAR method using AlCrNi coated electrode

Parametric Study of Wire-EDM Process in Al-Mg-MoS2 Composite Using NSGA-II and MOPSO Algorithms

Fuzzy inference system based prediction of electrical discharge machining quality

Multi-Objective Optimization of Process Parameters for Powder Mixed Electrical Discharge Machining of Inconel X-750 Alloy Using Taguchi-Topsis Approach

Experimental investigation and evaluation of EDM characteristics of inconel 718 material with and without assistance of magnet

Machining of 7Cr13Mo steel by US-PMEDM process

Adjustment of Wire Vibrations in Order to Improve Geometric Accuracy and Surface Roughness at WEDM

Strategies of improving accuracy in micro-EDM

More Edm Process 에디엠 프로세스 sentence examples

Performance of Graphene Nanopowder with Deionised Water in EDM Process

Processo de Mineração de Dados Educacionais aplicado na Previsão do Desempenho de Alunos: Uma comparação entre as Técnicas de Aprendizagem de Máquina e Aprendizagem Profunda

Investigations of Surface Qualities of Wire EDM Machined Tool Steels

Structural equation modeling-based performance estimation and parametric analysis of wire electrical discharge machining processes

More Edm Process 에디엠 프로세스 sentence examples

Parameter Design of EDM Process to Optimize Surface Roughness and Material Removal Rate Using Taguchi Method

Surface Characteristics and Corrosion Behavior of Wire Electrical Discharge Machining Processed Mg-4Zn Alloy

Investigation of Coatings, Corrosion and Wear Characteristics of Machined Biomaterials through Hydroxyapatite Mixed-EDM Process: A Review

Enhancement of machinability of titanium alloy in the Eductor based PMEDM process

Optimization of WEDM parameters on surface integrity characteristics of NiTi shape memory alloy

Nanosecond Laser Processing for Improving the Surface Characteristics of Silicon Wafers Cut Using Wire Electrical Discharge Machining

Parametric investigation of tool wear rate in EDM of Fe-based shape memory alloy: microstructural analysis and optimization using genetic algorithm

Wire EDM Parameter Optimization of AlSi10Mg Alloy Processed by Selective Laser Melting

New advancements in electrical discharge machining of metal matrix composite: An overview

Experimental investigation on a shield and magnetic assisted EDM of EN24 steel

An Experimental Investigation During Electric Discharge Machining of Tool Steel-D2

Predictive analysis of surface roughness in argon-assisted EDM using semiempirical and ANN techniques

A Brief Study of the Particulate Matter Emissions During the EDM Process

Experimental Investigation and Modeling of Surface Finish in Argon-Assisted Electrical Discharge Machining Using Dimensional Analysis

Optimisation of spark erosion machining process parameters using hybrid grey relational analysis and artificial neural network model

Simulation of Electrical Discharge Machining of Micro-holes

Improvement of Wire Electrical Discharge Machining Characteristics in Machining Boron-doped Polycrystalline Diamond Using a Novel Iso-pulse Generator

More Edm Process 에디엠 프로세스 sentence examples

Hydroxyapatite Electro Discharge Coating of Zr-Based Bulk Metallic Glass for Potential Orthopedic Application

Grey-WPCA Based Parametric-Optimization and Modelling of Chromium Powder Mixed Surface-Electro Discharge Diamond Grinding of Inconel 600 Using RSM

Effect of deep cryogenic treatment on performance measures in wire electrical discharge machining process during taper cutting operation

Recent trends & developments in optimization and modelling of electro-discharge machining using modern techniques: A review

A Study on the Effect of Polarity Change on Various Parameters on Ti6Al4V in Powder-Mixed Micro-EDM Using Multi-objective Grey Fuzzy Optimization

Influence of thermo-electrical property of materials on Powder Mixed Electrical Discharge Machining

On Improvement in Surface Integrity of µ-EDMed Ti–6Al–4V Alloy by µ-ECM Process

Role of TiC and h-BN particles on morphological characterization and surface effects of Al 4032 hybrid composites using EDM process

A systematic review on powder mixed electrical discharge machining

Understanding the wire electrical discharge machining of Ti6Al4V alloy

Ultrasonic Vibration Assisted Electro-Discharge Machining (EDM)—An Overview

Reviewing Sustainability Interpretation of Electrical Discharge Machining Process using Triple Bottom Line Approach

Prediction of Electric Discharge Machining Process Parameters Using Artificial Neural Network

A review on optimization of machining performances and recent developments in electro discharge machining

Personal and moral intensity determinants of ethical decision-making: A study of accounting professionals in Nigeria

Artificial neural network modelling and analysis of carbon nanopowder mixed micro wire electro discharge machining of gold coated doped silicon

Experimental Studies on Surface Roughness of H12 Tool Steel in EDM Using Different Tool Materials

Analysis of EDM Process Parameters on Inconel 718 Using the Grey-Taguchi and Topsis Method

A Novel Efficient Big Data Processing Scheme for Feature Extraction in Electrical Discharge Machining

Influence of various metal powder mixed dielectric on micro-EDM characteristics of Ti-6Al-4V

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