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Complete Genome Sequences of Two Rhodococcus sp. Strains with Large and Linear Chromosomes, Isolated from Apple Rhizosphere

Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi-weeds interaction in cropping and unmanaged ecosystems: a review

Barriers and levers for implementing sustainable Nature-Based Solutions in cities

The effect of long-term nutrient deficiency on the abundance and community composition of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in a mountainous grassland

Monitoring deciduous tree phenology estimates with Sentinel-2, phenocam and field measurements in Ireland

Promote Nature-Based Solutions to adapt the environment to climate change – The LIFE ARTISAN project

No-tillage effects on soil CH4 fluxes: A meta-analysis

Fire modulates ecosystem functioning through the phylogenetic structure of soil bacterial communities

Improving nitrogen balance with irrigation practice and cropping system

La facilitación entre plantas como herramienta de restauración de diversidad y funciones ecosistémicas

A novel and direct ecological risk assessment index for environmental degradation based on response curve approach and remotely sensed data

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Ecosystem Performance 생태계 성능

Ecosystem Performance 생태계 성능
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