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Ecological Services sentence examples within watershed ecological compensation

Computer Evaluation Model of the Water Footprint in Shiyang River Basin

Ecological Services sentence examples within Provide Ecological Services

Synergy and/or Antagonism in a Cover Crop Sequence: Rotational Effects on Rye in the Midwest

Healthy or Not: A Way to Predict Ecosystem Health in GitHub

Ecological Services sentence examples within Important Ecological Services

Disease Specific Bacterial Communities in a Coralline Algae of the Northwestern Mediterranean Sea: A Combined Culture Dependent and -Independent Approach

Increase in non-native species richness leads to biotic homogenization in vacant lots of a highly urbanized landscape

Ecological Services sentence examples within Valuable Ecological Services

Choosing an Adequate Pesticide Delivery System for Managing Pathogens with Difficult Biologies: Case Studies on Diplodia corticola, Venturia inaequalis and Erwinia amylovora

Manipulating social information to promote frugivory by birds on a Hawaiian Island.

Ecological Services sentence examples within Multiple Ecological Services

Carbon dioxide emissions: Spatiotemporal variation in a young and mature riparian forest

Where the river meets the sea: Understanding underexplored river estuarine ecosystems

Ecological Services sentence examples within Numerou Ecological Services

A generalized supervised classification scheme to produce provincial wetland inventory maps: an application of Google Earth Engine for big geo data processing

Temporal and depth-associated changes in the structure, morphometry and production of near-pristine Zostera marina meadows in western Ireland

Ecological Services sentence examples within Variou Ecological Services

Managing Urban and Rural Agricultural Landscape Processes in Japan

Structure, diversity and ecological function of shrub species in an urban setup of Sarguja, Chhattisgarh, India

Ecological Services sentence examples within Providing Ecological Services

Ocean pollution and warming oceans: toward ocean solutions and natural marine bioremediation

Functional Gene Array-Based Ultrasensitive and Quantitative Detection of Microbial Populations in Complex Communities

Ecological Services sentence examples within Water Ecological Services

[Effects of Cyanobacterial Blooms in Eutrophic Lakes on Water Quality of Connected Rivers].

Computer Evaluation Model of the Water Footprint in Shiyang River Basin

Ecological Services sentence examples within Key Ecological Services

Competing Interests in Urban Biodiversity Management in the Context of a Changing Climate: A Case Study of the Giba Gorge Environmental Precinct, South Africa

Changes in hydrodynamics and wave energy as a result of seagrass decline along the shoreline of a microtidal back-barrier estuary

Ecological Services sentence examples within Several Ecological Services

Contrasted resistance and resilience of two mangrove forests after exposure to long-term and short-term anthropic disturbances.

Agroecological Practices and Agrobiodiversity: A Case Study on Organic Orange in Southern Italy

Ecological Services sentence examples within Critical Ecological Services

Analyzing ecosystem services of freshwater lakes and their driving forces: the case of Erhai Lake, China

Extent and drivers of vegetation type conversion in Southern California chaparral

Ecological Services sentence examples within ecological services provided

Native and non-native species for dryland afforestation: bridging ecosystem integrity and livelihood support

Enhancement of Bacillus thuringiensis toxicity by feeding Spodoptera littoralis larvae with bacteria expressing immune suppressive dsRNA

Ecological Services sentence examples within ecological services value

Framework for Valuating Urban Wetland ParkEcosystem Services Based onthe Cascade Approach

Determination of the Optimal Lake-Marsh Pattern in the Lake-MarshWetland System based on Ecological Land Use and Ecological WaterUse

Large foreign body – pencil in the pelvic cavity of a girl two years

Temporal Analysis of Park Cool Island effect created by Urban parks within Bengaluru

Current Understanding of the Mangrove Forests of India

Stump sprout dynamics of Quercus serrata Thunb. and Q. acutissima Carruth. four years after cutting in an abandoned coppice forest in western Japan

The Mangrove Ecosystem

Assessment of the Value of Ecosystem Services

Analyzing the recent dynamics of wildland fires in Quercus suber L. woodlands in Sardinia (Italy), Corsica (France) and Catalonia (Spain)

Remote Sensing-Based Forest Biomass Assessment in Northwest Himalayan Landscape

Perimeter-area ratio effects of urbanization intensity on forest characteristics, landscape patterns and their associations in Harbin City, Northeast China

Applying Ecological Service Value Evaluation Model in Land Projects

Application of a circular & green economy model to a ceramic industrial district: An Italian case study

Chenier Morphodynamics on the Amazon-Influenced Coast of Suriname, South America: Implications for Beach Ecosystem Services

Long-term trends in wildlife community structure and functional diversity in a village hunting zone in southeast Cameroon

Special Section on Biological Control

Assessment of a new low-cost, PCR-based strategy for high-risk human papillomavirus DNA detection for cervical cancer prevention

Sustainable intensifications of African agriculture through legume-based cropping and Brachiaria forage systems

Rate of Genetic Gain for Persistence to Grazing and Dry Matter Yield in White Clover across 90 Years of Cultivar Development

Stocks and soil-plant transfer of macro-nutrients and trace metals in temperate New Zealand estuarine mangroves

Ecosystem dynamics and services of a paired Neotropical montane forest and pine plantation

Studying the Municipal Solid Waste Management System in Meerut City, Uttar Pradesh

Citizen science to enhance evaluation of local wastewater treatment - a case study from Oslo.

Experimental research on trade-offs in ecosystem services: The agro-ecosystem functional spectrum

PAH biodegradation by telluric saprotrophic fungi isolated from aged PAH-contaminated soils in mineral medium and historically contaminated soil microcosms

Repercussions in the Landscape of Colombian Amazonas (Caquetá and Putumayo Region) Caused by Deforestation and Illicit Crops During the Internal Armed Conflict; a Review

The Sundarbans: A Disaster-Prone Eco-Region: Increasing Livelihood Security

Agroecosystem Degradation Evaluation of Broccoli (Brassica oleracea) Farm Using Some Biotic Indices in Batu, East Java, Indonesia

Comparative Studies on Pattern and Ecosystem Services of the Traditional Rice Agricultural Landscapes in East Asia

Emergy evaluation of a swamp dike-pond complex: A new ecological restoration mode of coal-mining subsidence areas in China

Assessment of Ecosystem Services Value in a National Park Pilot

Biomass and phytoextraction potential of three ornamental shrub species tested over three years on a large-scale experimental site in Shanghai, China

Associated organisms inhabiting the calcareous sponge Clathrina lutea in La Parguera, Puerto Rico

[People’s perceptions of violence against women in Senegal.]

Operative hysteroscopy platform at a university teaching hospital: a retrospective study

Organic Regime Promotes Evenness of Natural Enemies and Planthopper Control in Paddy Fields

Maasai Livelihoods, Terrestrial Wild Megafauna and Ecosystem Services Synergies and Tradeoffs in the Savannas of Kenya: Scenarios and Implications of Climate Change in DPSIR Model

Urbanization effects on dung beetle assemblages in a tropical city

Ecological Offsetting in China’s Coastal Wetlands: Existing Challenges and Strategies for Future Improvement

Forest as a Sink of Carbon in Global and Nepalese Context

Sea Level Change and Its Influence on the Coastal Landscape in the Gulf of Mexico During the Holocene

Estimating ecological damage caused by green tides in the Yellow Sea: A choice experiment approach incorporating extended theory of planned behavior

Incorporating Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health in Pediatric Primary Care

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