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Cross-Flow Tidal Turbines with Highly Flexible Blades—Experimental Flow Field Investigations at Strong Fluid–Structure Interactions

Technical evaluation of calcium sulphate α-hemihydrate in oilwell application: An alternative to reduce the environmental impacts of Portland cement

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Mercury uptake by Paspalum distichum L. in relation to the mercury distribution pattern in rhizosphere soil

Heavy metal pollution characteristics and risk assessment of the soil of Lotus Pool influenced by JACW

Assessment of ecological capability and decline of Quercus castaneifolia C.A.M habitat in Hyrcanian forests (Case study: Savadkooh)

Biomass of timber species in Central American secondary forests: Towards climate change mitigation through sustainable timber harvesting

Experimental management of ecological security of territorial facilities for forecasting the developing economy dynamics

The Dilemma of Balancing Design for Impact Sound with Environmental Performance in Wood Ceiling Systems—A Building Physics Perspective

Assessment of phytocenoses ecological potential in south of Western Siberia based on hydrological and climatic calculations to increase agricultural production


Theoretical and Methodological Calculations of Solar Energy Resource Potentials in the Northern Garagum

Assessment of the geo-ecological potential of the landscape districts (on the example of Sumy region, Ukraine)


Recruitment and growth dynamics of a temperate forest understorey species following wildfire in southeast Australia

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Pastoralism in Eastern Africa

Current research on the ecosystem service potential of legume inclusive cropping systems in Europe. A review

‘Terres vaines et vagues’: Ecocriticism and Breton Wastelands in Visual and Literary Representation

Microalgae Growth Inhibition-Based Reservoirs Water Quality Assessment to Identify Ecotoxicological Risks

Relationship between Acceptance of Insects as an Alternative to Meat and Willingness to Consume Insect-Based Food—A Study on a Representative Sample of the Polish Population

The application of landsenses ecology in language carriers

Identification of the agroecological potential of agricultural land use

Preserving for the future the — once widespread but now vanishing — knowledge on traditional pig grazing in forests and marshes (Sava-Bosut floodplain, Serbia)

The relationship between sternum variation and mode of locomotion in birds

Modern hydrological and morphological state of the Agrakhan Bay and its adverse changes

Chlorophyll and Suspended Solids Estimation in Portuguese Reservoirs (Aguieira and Alqueva) from Sentinel-2 Imagery

Bulk Microforming from Sheet Metal—A Promising Approach for the Mass Production of Cold-Formed Metallic Micro Parts

Ecosystem biotechnologies for the enhancement of ecohydrological potential of the catchments – Water, Biodiversity, Ecosystem Services, Resilience, Culture and Education

Production and application of glucose oxidase enzyme in textile technology

Economic and Environmental Factors in the Concept of Regional Sustainable Development

Modeling and Monitoring of Hydrodynamics and Surface Water Quality in the Sulejów Dam Reservoir, Poland

Problems of Formation of Ecological Networks for Environmental Safety of Odesa Region

The history, biological relevance, and potential applications for polyp bailout in corals

Time-resolved cathodoluminescence investigations of AlN:Ge/GaN nanowire structures



A new charophyte habitat with a stabilized good ecological potential of mine water

Theoretical Investigation of Equilibrium Dynamics in Braided Gravel Beds for the Preservation of a Sustainable Fluvial Environment

Geoecological zoning of the territory to assess the impact of municipal solid waste landfills on adjacent agricultural land

Ecological Potential of Geosystems on the Boundary of Forest and Steppe (Lake Baikal Drainage Basin)

Influences on Textile and Mechanical Properties of Recycled Carbon Fiber Nonwovens Produced by Carding

Maritime built heritage and marine wildlife: Remote sensing as a tool to identify and prioritise integrated conservation in coastal environments

Encroached by pine and eucalyptus? A grounded theory on an environmental conflict between forest industry and smallholder livelihoods in Chile

Effects of Abiotic Stress on Soil Microbiome

The Dialogues Bioregional Project: Landscape Ecology in Central Italy from the Sixth Century to the Present

Faut-il restaurer les carrières après exploitation ? Potentialités écologiques des carrières abandonnées à moyen terme (30-40 ans)

Phytoplankton, Trophic State and Ecological Potential in reservoirs in the State of São Paulo, Brazil

Governance of marine aquaculture: Pitfalls, potential, and pathways forward

Putting nature ‘to work’ through Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES): Tensions between autonomy, voluntary action and the political economy of agri-environmental practice

Selection of an indicator to assess a highly modified saline ecosystem.

Laser-Induced Fluorescence Emission (L.I.F.E.) as Novel Non-Invasive Tool for In-Situ Measurements of Biomarkers in Cryospheric Habitats.

Ecosystem services in the management system of ecological safety of territorial units

A New Model of Ecological Carrying Capacity for Developing Ecotourism in the Protected Area of the North Karkheh, Iran

ارزیابی سلامت کیفی آب رودخانه قزلاوزن در محدوده استان زنجان با استفاده از شاخصهایNSFWQI ،IRWQISC و Liou

Identification of Coral Reef Conditions Using Hydro-Acoustic Technology in Giligenting Island, Sumenep Regency Indonesia

The MODES Toolbox: Measurements of Open-Ended Dynamics in Evolving Systems

Продукція фітомаси надземної частини робінієвих деревостанів у лісових культурах Північного Степу України

Storage reservoirs beyond a lake district as secondary habitats for caddisflies (Insecta: Trichoptera) in an area of karst origin (SE Poland)

Continuous and Periodic Monitoring System of Surface Water Quality of an Impounding Reservoir: Sulejow Reservoir, Poland

Potencial agroecológico de propriedades agrícolas familiares do município de São Lourenço do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul

Adaptation in Mountain Agriculture: Food Security in the Hindu-Kush Himalayan (HKH) Region

The Archaeology of Pleistocene Coastal Environments and Human Dispersals in the Red Sea: Insights from the Farasan Islands

The contribution of NTFPS to rural livelihoods in different agro-ecological zones of South Africa

Rooting of yerba mate cuttings with different lengths

Market access, agro-ecological conditions, and Boserupian agricultural intensification patterns in Kenya: Implications for agricultural programs and research

Sancho, the oldest known Iberian shrub

SEED MORPHOBIOMETRY AND GERMINATION OF Sesbania punicea (Cav.) Benth. AND Sesbania virgata (Cav.) Pers.

Influence of chlorophyll a quantification methods in ecological quality indices

Phenological variations of primary biochemicals in male and female plants of Hippophae salicifolia D. Don

Conflicts about Urban Green Spaces in Metropolitan Areas under Conditions of Climate Change: A Multidisciplinary Analysis of Stakeholders’ Perceptions of Planning Processes