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A novel angular dependency model for MatriXX response and its application to true composite dose verification for IMRT plans

Manufacturing and evaluation of multi-channel cylinder applicator with 3D printing technology

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A New Potential Method for Proton Radiography

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On the spectral characterization of radiochromic films irradiated with clinical proton beams.

Development of a procedure for quenching-effect correction in images of absorbed dose from protons or carbon ions acquired with Gafchromic EBT3 films

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Effects on skin dose from unwanted air gaps under bolus in an MR-guided linear accelerator (MR-linac) system

Implementation of total body irradiation using VMAT

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Dosimetric investigation of esophageal stents carrying I-125 seeds for the treatment of advanced esophageal cancer

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Experimental determination of Gd dose enhancement and Gd dose sparing by 192Ir brachytherapy source with Gafchromic EBT3 dosimeter.

Validation of 3D printing materials for high dose-rate brachytherapy using ionisation chamber and custom phantom

Evaluation of the surface dose for total body irradiation (TBI) technique with parallel-opposed anterior posterior geometry

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Effect of absorbed dose on post-irradiation coloration and interpretation of polymerization reaction in the Gafchromic EBT3 film

Skin Dosimetry with EBT3 Radiochromic Film in Radiotherapy of Parotid Cancer

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Verification of the junctional dose for irradiation of the chest wall and supraclavicular regions under the circumstances of advanced technologies.

Technical Note: A 3D-printed phantom for radiochromic film evaluation of moving lung tumor SBRT without dose convolution.

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Feasibility of Megavoltage CT for High-Dose Retrospective Planning of Helical Tomotherapy and Linac Treatment Plans: Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cancer Case

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Study on the Impact of Antioxidant on the FLASH Effect With 6 MeV X-Ray.

The irregular breathing effect on target volume and coverage for lung stereotactic body radiotherapy

A GATE/Geant4 Monte Carlo toolkit for surface dose calculation in VMAT breast cancer radiotherapy.

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Electron streams in air during magnetic-resonance image-guided radiation therapy

EBT3-based dosimeter in characterizing UVA–LEDs with lambertian radiation pattern

A new Monte Carlo model of a Cyberknife® system for the precise determination of out-of-field doses.

EBT3 film calibration in the Bragg peak region for proton beams below 5 MeV

A novel method for the determination of field output factors and output correction factors for small static fields for six diodes and a microdiamond detector in megavoltage photon beams

Proton beam electron return effect: Monte Carlo simulations and experimental verification.

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Characterisation of delaminated GAFCHROMIC™ EBT3 films in clinical photon, proton and 192 Ir brachytherapy source

A trial for EBT3 film without batch-specific calibration using a neural network.

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Penumbra Measurements and Comparison of In-House and Standard Circular Cones by the Gafchoromic Film, Pinpoint Ion Chamber, and MCNPX Monte Carlo Simulation

Feasibility Study of the Fluence-to-Dose Network (FDNet) for Patient-Specific IMRT Quality Assurance

Investigation of energy dependance for EBT3 response to irradiation with alpha beams

The comparison of spatial resolution of ion chamber, diode, and EBT3 film based on the dose profile

Radiation dose verification of an X-ray based blood irradiator using EBT3 radiochromic films calibrated using Gamma Knife machine.

Phantom design and dosimetric characterization for multiple simultaneous cell irradiations with active pencil beam scanning

EBT3 Films in Low Solar Ultraviolet and X-Ray Dose Measurement: A Comparative Analysis

Assessment of beam‐matched linacs quality/accuracy for interchanging SBRT or SRT patient using VMAT without replanning

Dosimetric evaluation of the dose calculation accuracy of different algorithms for two different treatment techniques during whole breast irradiation

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Ebt3 Films Ebt3 필름

Ebt3 Films Ebt3 필름
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