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Особистісні та поведінкові ресурси здоров’я українських студентів, які вивчають науки про здоров’я: пілотне дослідження

The Mediterranean Diet Slows Down the Progression of Aging and Helps to Prevent the Onset of Frailty: A Narrative Review

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Weight-Focused Physical Activity Is Associated with Poorer Eating Motivation Quality and Lower Intuitive Eating in Women.

Striving for the thin ideal post-pregnancy: a cross-sectional study of intuitive eating in postpartum women

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One year reliability of the Dutch eating behavior questionnaire: an extension into clinical population

The adaptation of the Dutch Eating Behavior Questionnaire – psychometric properties in a polish sample

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Attentional Bias, “Cool” and “Hot” Executive Functions in Obese Patients: Roles of Body Mass Index, Binge Eating, and Eating Style

“They Gave Us Cheese Sandwiches”: Foodways of War and Flight

Development of a Food-Based Diet Quality Score from a Short FFQ and Associations with Obesity Measures, Eating Styles and Nutrient Intakes in Finnish Twins

Depression and eating styles are independently associated with dietary intake

Eating styles of young females in Azerbaijan


The moderating effects of mindful eating on the relationship between emotional functioning and eating styles in overweight and obese women

Micronutrient Needs of Athletes Eating Plant-Based Diets

Cognitive style: The role of personality and need for cognition in younger and older adults

What Does Our Personality Say About Our Dietary Choices? Insights on the Associations Between Dietary Habits, Primary Emotional Systems and the Dark Triad of Personality

OccuSpace: Towards a Robust Occupancy Prediction System for Activity Based Workplace

Food Survey using Exploratory Data Analysis

Audio Tempo Estimation Method Improved by Rhythm Pattern and Data Augmentation

Dieting and overeating

Associations between fatigue, sleep disturbance and eating style in adults with type 2 diabetes: A correlational study.

From consumption behaviour to sensory measurement: Sensory characterization of the perceived flavour complexity of a chocolate dessert experience

Eating Style and the Frequency, Size and Timing of Eating Occasions: A cross-sectional analysis using 7-day weighed dietary records

Characterization of restaurant soundscapes based on logged sound levels and occupancy measurements

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Volatile organic compounds from residential solid fuel burning in Guanzhong Plain, China: Source-related profiles and risks.

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Eating Style 먹는 스타일

Eating Style 먹는 스타일
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