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Suppression and mitigation of inter-ELM high-frequency Alfvén-like mode by resonant magnetic perturbation in EAST

An interpretive model for the double peaks of divertor tungsten erosion during type-I ELMs in EAST

Prediction of high-performance scenario with localized magnetic shear reversal on EAST tokamak

Study of the tungsten sputtering source suppression by wall conditionings in the EAST tokamak

Impact of divertor closure on edge plasma behavior in EAST H-mode plasmas

Thermal analysis of the EAST tokamak

Effects of helium massive gas injection level on disruption mitigation on EAST

A new design of launcher mirror for EAST electron cyclotron resonance heating system

Modeling the toroidal asymmetry of the heat load impacted by nitrogen injection in EAST using EMC3-EIRENE

Analysis of asymmetry of the D α emission spectra under the Zeeman effect in boundary region for D–D experiment on EAST tokamak* * Project supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No. 11805234).

Investigation of annular/central collapse events triggered by the double tearing modes in EAST

Experimental study of core and edge fluctuations by reflectometry on EAST tokamak

Excitation of RSAEs during Sawteeth-Like Oscillation in EAST

EMC3-EIRENE modelling of the toroidally asymmetric heat flux distribution with neon impurity injection on EAST

Design and optimization of an advanced time-of-flight neutron spectrometer for deuterium plasmas of the large helical device.

Real-time prediction of high-density EAST disruptions using random forest

Upgrade of the cathode HVPS system for 4.6 GHz LHCD on EAST using high speed PSM

Observation of coherent mode induced by a molybdenum dust on EAST

Development and preliminary test of a space-resolved vacuum-ultraviolet spectroscopy in EAST.

Density scaling of error field penetration in radio-frequency-dominant heating plasmas in the EAST tokamak

Multiple Alfvén eigenmodes induced by energetic electrons and nonlinear mode couplings in EAST radio-frequency heated H-mode plasmas

Dependence of upstream SOL density shoulder on divertor neutral pressure observed in L-mode and H-mode plasmas in the EAST superconducting tokamak

Fast modulating electron cyclotron emission (FMECE) diagnostic for tokamaks.

Quantitative analysis on tungsten spectra of W6+ to W45+ ions

WEST regular in-vessel Inspections with the Articulated Inspection Arm robot

Interactions of plasma and guard limiter in front of lower hybrid wave antenna on EAST tokamak

Research activities and progress on the long pulse ECRH launcher for EAST

Diagnostic mirrors for ITER: research in the frame of International Tokamak Physics Activity

Development of gamma ray spectrometer with high energy and time resolutions on EAST tokamak.

A space-resolved extreme ultraviolet spectrometer for radial profile measurement of tungsten ions in the Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak

MIMO shape control at the EAST tokamak: Simulations and experiments

Multi-scale interaction of pedestal instabilities in H-mode plasma on the EAST tokamak

Experimental observation of coexisting electromagnetic fluctuations correlating with the inter-ELM pedestal evolution on EAST

Monte Carlo orbit-following simulations including the finite Larmor radius effect based on a phase-space coordinate transform method

Comparison of measurements with different types of divertor Langmuir probe in EAST tokamak

High-resolution mass separation between helium and deuterium with conventional quadrupole mass spectrometer by using varied ionization energy

Plasma Magnetic Control in Tokamak Devices

I-mode investigation on the Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak

Unified modeling of both resonant and non-resonant neoclassical transport under non-axisymmetric magnetic perturbations in tokamaks

Observation of deuterium molecule emission spectra under an active feedback control of H-mod plasma divertor detachment experiment on the EAST tokamak

Rotation braking with n = 1 nonaxisymmetric magnetic perturbation in the EAST tokamak

Concept design of ultrafast charge exchange recombination spectroscopy on EAST tokamak

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East Tokamak 이스트 토카막
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