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Investigation and Research on Building Diseases in Yueliangdi Village, Yinggebao Township, Mulei Based on GIS and Infrared Thermal Imaging Technology

Ecological risk assessment of toxic metal pollution in the industrial zone on the northern slope of the East Tianshan Mountains in Xinjiang, NW China

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Suitability evaluation for mountain-based adventure tourism: A case study of Xinjiang Tianshan, China

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Gold Enrichment and the Au–Te Association in the Huangtan Au–Cu–Zn Volcanogenic Massive Sulfide Deposit, Kalatag, East Tianshan, China: An in-situ LA–ICP–MS Analysis

Characteristics of dry-wet changes in Xinjiang based on SPEI index

Genesis of the Xiaobaishitou tungsten skarn deposit in the East Tianshan, NW China: insights from geology, fluid inclusion and isotopic geochemistry

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Hydrothermal evolution and ore genesis of the Hongshi copper deposit in the East Tianshan Orogenic Belt, Xinjiang, NW China: Constraints from ore geology, fluid inclusion geochemistry and H–O–S–He–Ar isotopes

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Formation of the Lubei magmatic Ni–Cu deposit in a post-subduction setting in East Tianshan, North West China

Early Permian subduction-related transtension in the Turpan Basin, East Tianshan (NW China): implications for accretionary tectonics of the southern Altaids

Contributions of basaltic underplating to crustal growth in island arc and extensional tectonic settings in the Chinese Tianshan Orogenic Belt, NW China

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East Tianshan 동천산

East Tianshan 동천산
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