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One-century sediment records of heavy metal pollution on the southeast Mongolian Plateau: Implications for air pollution trend in China.

Variations in the Botanical Diversity of Forbs–Bunchgrass Steppes of Eastern Mongolia over an 11-Year Period (2008–2018)

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Российские путешественники о правовых отношениях в Джунгарском ханстве xviii в

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Geodynamic position of large and super large precious metal and uranium ore districts and nodes in the East Asia

Contribution to the knowledge on the flora of Numrug Strictly Protected Area and some parts of East Mongolia

Compound-specific radiocarbon dating and mitochondrial DNA analysis of the Pleistocene hominin from Salkhit Mongolia

Phylogeny and phylogeography of arvicoline and lagurine voles of Mongolia

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Current State and Rational Use of Landscapes in the Border Area of Mongolia and Russia

Observed Evidence of Enhanced Probability of Mesoscale Convective System Initiations due to Land Surface Heterogeneity in Semiarid East Asia

Natural zeolite formation in Mongolia

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East Mongolia 동몽골

East Mongolia 동몽골
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