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A surface in W2,p is a locally Lipschitz-continuous function of its fundamental forms in W1,p and Lp, p > 2

East Local sentence examples within North East Local

Effect of Petroleum Products on the Larvicidal Activity of Aedes Mosquitoes in Ika North-East LGA, Delta State, Nigeria

Prevalence of Asymptomatic Bacteriuria among Pregnant Women Attending Antenatal Clinics in Ovia North East Local Government Area, Edo State, Nigeria

East Local sentence examples within Enugu East Local

Peer Tutoring Instructional Strategy and Senior Secondary School Computer Studies Students’ Academic Achievement in Enugu State, Nigeria

The Local Government and Challenges of Primary Healthcare Delivery in Enugu State East Local Government Area Nigeria

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East Local sentence examples within South East Local

Why women utilize traditional rather than skilled birth attendants for maternity care in rural Nigeria: Implications for policies and programs.

Men’s perception of barriers to women’s use and access of skilled pregnancy care in rural Nigeria: a qualitative study

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Malaria Incidence Mapping In Abraka, Delta State Nigeria

Malaria in Pregnancy in Ethiope East Local Government Area of Delta State, Nigeria

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Prevalence and Causes of Visual Impairment Among Nigerian Children Aged 3 to 5 Years

High risk sexual behavior among adolescent senior secondary school students in Nigeria

East Local sentence examples within Ilesa East Local

Effect of Groundnut Shell Ash on Laterite Soils Stabilized with Lime for Civil Structures

Sustainable children investment in guinea pig production and its implications for extension services

East Local sentence examples within Anambra East Local

Prevalence, intensity and vector dynamics of malaria in Anambra east local government area of Anambra State, Nigeria

Mosquito fauna of Anambra East LGA, Anambra state, Nigeria

East Local sentence examples within east local government


Parasitological and epidemiological studies of Wuchereria bancrofti in Imobi, Ijebu East, Local Government Area of Ogun State, South Western Nigeria

East Local sentence examples within east local health

Comparison of Readmission and Death Among Patients With Cardiac Disease in Northern vs Southern Ontario.

Barriers to End-of-Life Services for Persons Experiencing Homelessness as Perceived by Health and Social Service Providers

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Optimal Pilots for Maximal Capacity of Secret Key Generation

Records of carbon and sulfur cycling during the Silurian Ireviken Event in Gotland, Sweden

Robustified Distributed Model Predictive Control for Coherence and Energy Efficiency-Aware Platooning

Modified Dominant Mode Rejection Beamformer for Localizing Brain Activities When Data Covariance Matrix Is Rank Deficient

Effects of metamorphism and metasomatism on manganese mineralogy: Examples from the Transvaal Supergroup

Anatomy of a world-class epizonal orogenic-gold system: A holistic thermochronological analysis of the Xincheng gold deposit, Jiaodong Peninsula, eastern China

Evaluating Machine Learning & Antenna Placement for Enhanced GNSS Accuracy for CAVs

Diamond-inclusion system recording old deep lithosphere conditions at Udachnaya (Siberia)

Dust settling against hydrodynamic turbulence in protoplanetary discs

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Experiencia en el manejo de pacientes con Cáncer de Pulmón Avanzado ALK+ en el Instituto Oncológico Nacional de Panamá.

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First occurrence of the boreal fossil wood Xenoxylon meisteri from the Jurassic of North America: Morrison Formation of central Montana, USA

Management of Concurrent Biliary and Duodenal Obstruction

Ultrahigh-temperature mafic granulite in the Huai’an Complex, North China Craton: Evidence from phase equilibria modelling and amphibole thermometers

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The rodents from Santpedor-2 (Ebro Basin, NE Spain) confirm the Oligocene age of the latest primates from the Paleogene of Europe

Self-Assembly of Amphiphilic Amylose Derivatives in Aqueous Media.

Elevated mutation rates are unlikely to evolve in sexual species, not even under rapid environmental change

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Step by step: Planning a needle localization procedure.

Indépendance des administrations : la volonté des personnes privées dans les autorisations d’urbanisme

Schwannoma of the breast: a report of rare location and a brief literature review

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Robust 1-Bit Compressed Sensing via Hinge Loss Minimization

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Past climatic changes and their effects on the phylogenetic pattern of the Gondwanan relict Maindronia (Insecta: Zygentoma) in the Chilean Atacama Desert

Long-Lasting Remission in De Novo Breast Myeloid Sarcoma Treated with Decitabine and Radiotherapy

Benefits of commitment in hierarchical inference

Matrix Completion With Deterministic Pattern: A Geometric Perspective

Cosmology at the end of the world

Sensitivity analysis for trajectories of nonsmooth mechanical systems with simultaneous impacts: a hybrid systems perspective

Hybridizing differential evolution and novelty search for multimodal optimization problems

Sulfur isotope compositions of pyrite from high-pressure metamorphic rocks and related veins (SW Tianshan, China): Implications for the sulfur cycle in subduction zones

Density-based multi-weight vector support vector machine

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East Local 동부 지역

East Local 동부 지역
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