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East District sentence examples within Ada East District

Indigenous Knowledge Practices and Community Adaptation to Coastal Flooding in Ada East District of Ghana

Conceptualizations of climate-related health risks among health experts and the public in Ghana.

East District sentence examples within Wassa East District

Incomplete Fiscal Decentralisation: An Impediment for Local Economic Development in Ghana

Relevance of Cocoa Life Project Interventions to Community Development in Rural Ghana: Exploring the Views of Beneficiaries in Wassa East District

East District sentence examples within North East District

Assessment of the onset, cessation, and duration of rainfall season over Botswana

An exploration of the Logic and wisdom behind the Marriage of the Dead

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East District sentence examples within Bungoma East District

The Challenges of Free Primary Education Implementation in Primary Schools in Bungoma County, Kenya


East District sentence examples within Bojanala East District

Professional Development as a Panacea for Lively Classrooms in South Africa: Experiences of Life Sciences Teachers in the Bojanala District (North West Province)

Language of learning and teaching as a barrier to effective implementation of CAPS: Narratives of Grade 10 Life Sciences teachers

East District sentence examples within Imphal East District

Knowledge of the Pineapple Growers toward Improved Pineapple Production Practices in Imphal East District of Manipur

Farmers’ Network Analysis on Diffusion and Adoption of CAU-R1 Variety in Imphal East District of Manipur

East District sentence examples within Kwahu East District


The Effect of Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI) on Students’ Cognitive Achievement in Chemical Bonding. A Case Study of Schools in the Kwahu East District of Ghana

Temporal variation and geospatial clustering of dengue in Delhi, India 2015–2018

Prevalence of refractive errors among the school-going children in East Sikkim

What Determines Child Immunisation? A Study of Socio-Economic Factors in East Sikkim

Classroom strategies of multigrade teachers

Distribution and relative abundance of Indian Giant Flying Squirrel (Petaurista philippensis) in Gujarat, India

Handling of Customers Satisfaction and Assessment of Service Qualities on Commercial Bark of Ethiopia in Addis Ababa at East District

Factors influencing adoption of high tunnels for tomato production in northeast district, Botswana

Monitoring and Modeling the Patterns and Trends of Urban Growth Using Urban Sprawl Matrix and CA-Markov Model: A Case Study of Karachi, Pakistan

Trends and predictors of birth weight in Chilean children.

The feasibility of a public-private mix program on pulmonary tuberculosis screening in Penang: A pilot study.

Geo-Spatial Analysis of Health Care Service Centres for Smart Cities: A Study of South-East District, Delhi-India

Compositional and source patterns of potentially toxic elements (PTEs) in soils in southwestern Ghana using robust compositional contamination index (RCCI) and k-means cluster analysis

Analysis and interpretation of forest fire data of Sikkim

Modeling of an autonomous hybrid renewable energy system for electrification of a township: A case study for Sikkim, India

Exploring urban green spaces in China: Spatial patterns, driving factors and policy implications

Mapa da vulnerabilidade social do município de Natal-RN em nível de setor censitário

Seismic risk zonation using the geospatial tool: A case study over East and South district of Sikkim

Identification of Essential Descriptors in Spatial Socioeconomic Impact Assessment Modeling: a Case Study of Highway Broadening in Sikkim Himalaya

Study on Pressing Pipe Pile into Complicated Foundation

Landslide Susceptibility Mapping Using GIS-Based Likelihood Frequency Ratio Model: A Case Study of Pakyong—Pacheykhani Area, Sikkim Himalaya

First outbreak of dengue fever in East Sikkim in Northeastern part of India

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East District 이스트 디스트릭트

East District 이스트 디스트릭트
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