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Continuous flow analysis of the Mount Brown South ice core

Enhanced Moisture Delivery into Victoria Land, East Antarctica During the Early Last Interglacial: Implications for West Antarctic Ice Sheet Stability

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Some evidence for a wide fan-shaped extension of the East Antarctic plate at the Mesozoic-Cenozoic transition

Imprint of the ocean mesoscale activity on air-sea-ice interactions in a regional coupled model of the Adélie Land sector

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Occurrence, latitudinal gradient and potential sources of perchlorate in the atmosphere across the hemispheres (31°N to 80°S).

Extreme Temperatures in the Antarctic

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Impact of glacial isostatic adjustment on the long-term stability of the Antarctic ice sheet

Chapter 5.3b Mount Early and Sheridan Bluff: petrology

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Assessing the risk of metals and their mixtures in the Antarctic nearshore marine environment with diffusive gradients in thin-films.

Age stratigraphy in the East Antarctic Ice Sheet inferred from radio-echo sounding horizons

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Tectonics of the Southern Ocean Passive Margins in the Africa–East Antarctica Region

Perturbations in atmospheric gaseous components over coastal Antarctica detected in GPS signals and its natural origin to volcanic eruption

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Calving cycle of the Brunt Ice Shelf, Antarctica, driven by changes in ice shelf geometry

Calving cycle of the Brunt Ice Shelf, Antarctica, driven by changes in ice shelf geometry

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Physically-constrained data-driven inversions to infer the bed topography beneath glaciers flows. Application to East Antarctica

Timing and forcing mechanism of the final Neotethys seawater retreat from Central Iran in response to the Arabia-Asia collision in the late early Miocene

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Unveiling lithosphere heterogeneity beneath the East Antarctic Ice Sheet in the Wilkes Subglacial Basin

Geochemical and paleomagnetic characteristics of Vestfold Hills mafic dykes in Prydz Bay region: implications on the Paleoproterozoic connection between East Antarctica and proto-India

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Multidecadal poleward shift of the southern boundary of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current off East Antarctica

Complex Principal Component Analysis of Antarctic Ice Sheet Mass Balance

Multibeam Bathymetry and Distribution of Clay Minerals on Surface Sediments of a Small Bay in Terra Nova Bay, Antarctica

Detailed record of the BELARE 2019-2020 meteorite recovery expedition on the Nansen Ice Field, East Antarctica

Thermal structure of the Amery Ice Shelf from borehole observations and simulations

Tectono-magmatic evolution of the Karoo and Kerguelen plumes and their impact onto magmatism of the East Antarctica

Generation of highly silicic magmas at ultra-high temperature conditions : evidence from melt inclusions in peritectic garnet

The triggers of the disaggregation of Voyeykov Ice Shelf (2007), Wilkes Land, East Antarctica, and its subsequent evolution

A bathymetric compilation of the Cape Darnley region, East Antarctica

Provenance of Upper Jurassic–Lower Cretaceous strata in the Mentelle Basin, southwestern Australia, reveals a trans-Gondwanan fluvial pathway

The influence of orographic gravity waves on precipitation during an atmospheric river event at Davis, Antarctica

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Neoproterozoic geodynamics of South China and implications on the Rodinia configuration: The Kunyang Group revisited

Modelling the annual cycle of landfast ice near Zhongshan Station, East Antarctica

Water masses distribution offshore the Sabrina Coast (East Antarctica)

Emperor penguins and the First German South Polar Expedition, 1901–1903: The elusive colony in Posadowsky Bay

18 year record of circum-Antarctic landfast sea ice distribution allows detailed baseline characterisation, reveals trends and variability

Inter-Annual Variability in the Antarctic Ice Sheets Using Geodetic Observations and a Climate Model

Weddell seal behaviour during an exceptional oceanographic event in the Filchner-Ronne Ice Shelf in 2017

Physicochemical simulation of the conditions for the mafic granulite formation (Bunger Hills, East Antarctica)

A 43-ka mineral magnetic record of environmental variations from lacustrine sediments of Schirmacher Oasis, East Antarctica

Flow Velocity Change of David Glacier, East Antarctica, from 2016 to 2020 Observed by Sentinel-1A SAR Offset Tracking Method

U-Pb zircon geochronology of dropstones and IRD in the Amundsen Sea, applied to the question of bedrock provenance and Miocene-Pliocene ice sheet extent in West Antarctica

Significant additional Antarctic warming in atmospheric bias-corrected ARPEGE projections with respect to control run

Poleward eddy-induced warm water transport across a shelf break off Totten Ice Shelf, East Antarctica

Late Mesoproterozoic low-P/T−type metamorphism in the North Wulan terrane: Implications for the assembly of Rodinia

Influence of ocean tides and ice shelves on ocean–ice interactions and dense shelf water formation in the D’Urville Sea, Antarctica

Sensitivity of Holocene East Antarctic productivity to subdecadal variability set by sea ice

Automated mapping of the seasonal evolution of surface meltwater and its links to climate on the Amery Ice Shelf, Antarctica

Ediacaran-Ordovician landscape of eastern South China: Constraints from sedimentary indices and detrital zircon U-Pb-Hf isotopes from the southeastern margin of the Yangtze Block

Metamorphic pressure-temperature conditions of the Lützow-Holm Complex of East Antarctica deduced from Zr-in-rutile geothermometer and Al2SiO5 minerals enclosed in garnet

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Detecting Calving Events of Icebergs D-28 and B-49 using High Resolution Sentinel-1A SAR Data

Biodiversity, distribution and community structure of benthic hydroids from Point Géologie Archipelago (Dumont d’Urville Sea, Adélie Land, Antarctica)

Ornithogenic Factor of Soil Formation in Antarctica: A Review

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Optimising a regional Antarctic Ice Sheet model to investigate basal conditions and initialise transient experiments

Downscaled surface mass balance in Antarctica: impacts of subsurface processes and large-scale atmospheric circulation

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Global climate anomalies and their association with the mass balance of the Antarctic Ice Sheet

Role of Pyroxenite Mantle in the Formation of the Mesozoic Karoo Plume Melts: Evidence from the Western Queen Maud Land, East Antarctica

Locating the Indo-Antarctica suture – Correlating the Rengali, Rauer and Ruker terranes in Gondwana

Organic sulfones in the brine of Lake Vida, East Antarctica

Spatial patterns of multi-centennial temperature trend in Antarctica over 0-1000 CE: insights from ice core records and modeling

The complex basal morphology and ice dynamics of Nansen Ice Shelf, East Antarctica

Uncertainty in East Antarctic firn thickness constrained using a model ensemble approach

Two decades of Antarctic coastal-change revealed by satellite imagery and deep learning

Characterizing slope correction methods applied to satellite radar altimetry data: A case study around Dome Argus in East Antarctica

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Forty-year climatology and variability of atmospheric rivers in the Arctic using MERRA-2 reanalysis from 1980 to 2020

Characterization of ice shelf fracture features using ICESat-2 – A case study over the Amery Ice Shelf

Modeling the Interconnectivity of Non-stationary Polar Ice Sheets

Understanding the evolution of atmospheric nitrous oxide over the last century from the stable isotopes of the firn air at Styx Glacier, East Antarctica

Retention time of lakes in the Larsemann Hills oasis, East Antarctica