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A genome-wide search for gene-by-obesity interaction loci of dyslipidemia in Koreans shows diverse genetic risk alleles[S]

The cross-sectional and longitudinal associations of chromium with dyslipidemia: A prospective cohort study of urban adults in China.

Evaluation of the lipid parameters in chronic heart failure patients and their correlation with body mass index

Dietary pattern, dietary total antioxidant capacity, and dyslipidemia in Korean adults

Lipid metabolism genetic risk score interacts with the Brazilian Healthy Eating Index Revised and its components to influence the odds for dyslipidemia in a cross-sectional population-based survey in Brazil

The Relationship of Dietary Pattern and Dyslipidemia Incidence Using 12 Year Follow-up Cohort Data (P18-077-19).

Comparison of long-term effects of egg yolk consumption under normal and high fat diet on lipid metabolism and fatty acids profile in mice

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Dyslipidemia Risk 이상지질혈증 위험

Dyslipidemia Risk 이상지질혈증 위험
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